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How to link Dragon Ball Xenoverse (DBXV) 2 with Dragon Ball The Breakers

Are you a fan of the popular Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 game? Well, with Dragon Ball The Breakers releasing, you must have tried the game as well. But, did you know that you can link Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 with Dragon Ball The Breakers? Are you amazed? Regardless of that, you must know the steps you need to carry out to link both games to your primary account. But, how to do so? We have shared this guide with all the information you need to link both games. So, consider reading till the end.

Dragon Ball games have been popular since the early days and now, their popularity has risen to unimaginable heights. DBXV 2 is a 2016 game that is still standing strong after 6 years of release. Fans of the game are constantly hooked to it, but now they have a new title to look forward to. Dragon Ball The Breakers is a recently released asymmetrical action game developed and published by the same team behind DBXV 2, Dimps Corporation, and Bandai Namco Entertainment. So, it is quite logical that players can link both games together using their primary Bandai Namco account. But, not many know this is possible, or how to do it. If you are wondering the same, your search ends here.


How to link Dragon Ball Xenoverse (DBXV) 2 with Dragon Ball The Breakers?

Linking both games is quite easy and you don’t need to be extremely familiar with both games for the same. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below, and you are done.

Note: A Bandai Namco ID is required to connect both games. 

1) First, launch Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and interact with Code Robo.

2) Here, select the Link a Bandai Namco ID option. A QR code will appear. Scan it using your smartphone and follow the process. This will link your Bandai Namco ID with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

3) Next, launch Dragon Ball The Breakers and interact with Code Robo there as well. Select the same Link a Bandai Namco ID option and do the same as mentioned in the above step. However, make sure to link the same Bandai Namco ID that you have linked to DBXV 2. This is essential to link both games.

4) Once both games are linked to the same Bandai Namco ID, you are done.

However, note that there is currently some issue with Breaker points that the developers have announced to fix in the upcoming updates. So, if you don’t see Breakers Points, don’t panic as they will appear during Nov-Dec 2022 after the update goes live.

So, this is how you can link Dragon Ball Xenoverse (DBXV) 2 with Dragon Ball The Breakers. For more such guides, make sure to stay tuned with us on Vabsaga.


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