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How To Log Out of Steam on GeForce Now

GeForce Now by Nvidia is currently one of the best cloud gaming platforms available right now. One reason is mostly due to the good optimization of the service by the devs. Plus free users can also download and use the app, irrespective of any membership fee. But do remember that playtime will be first prioritized for Priority, RTX 3080, and Founder subscribers. Nonetheless, it remains the best option out there.

If you are new to GeForce Now, one thing to remember here is that you need to have the games already purchased if you want to play them using the app. Say, you bought Everspace on Steam and have GeForce Now installed on your device. Will you be able to play it then?? Yes, you will be. However, you cannot access a game that you don’t own. Now, all this can be confusing at first but as you spend more time with it, you will become familiar. So, what about Steam? What do you do if you want to log out of Steam in GeForce Now? Let’s see and find out!!

How To Log Out of Steam on GeForce Now

How To Log Out of Steam on GeForce Now

Steam continues to be the go-to marketplace for gamers worldwide. Other stores like Epic, GOG, and, have some users but compared to Steam, they are the minority in terms of market share. So, it was only evident that Nvidia would provide support for the store in GeForce Now. Besides that, Nvidia has got Epic Games Store and GOG too. So, if you want, you can log out of Steam and open Epic in case your favorite game isn’t available there.
To log out of Steam on GeForce Now, log in to the GeForce Now app with your credentials. After opening it, click on Settings. Out of all the options present, select Connections. Three more options will be present – Ubisoft, Epic, and Steam. Select Steam and click on Disconnect.

You can also follow another method but this one will log you out of all the devices where you have Steam logged in. If you are comfortable with this then continue following this method. Open Steam and log in with your account. Once done, go to Settings and head over to the “Manage Steam Guard Account Activity option” and click on it. You will notice a “Deauthorize all other devices” option at the bottom. Select this and you will be signed out from all the devices.

We hope that this guide has helped you in knowing how to log out of Steam on GeForce Now. If GeForce Experience is not detecting games, check out this article. Bookmark us to get the latest on gaming and tech. Game on!!


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