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How To Make Minecraft (1.19.2) Server

Minecraft is a game mostly enjoyed when played with groups of friends. This means having your personalized server for easy gameplay is very important. In this article, we will be looking at how to make Minecraft (1.19.2) server.

How To Make Minecraft (1.19.2) Server
How To Make Minecraft (1.19.2) Server

Mojang’s Minecraft is a very unique game where modifications can be done. These changes include new items, new blocks, and also new crafts to add more style and color to the game. Due to the fact that players really loved the game, the developers came up with different editions to spice up gameplay. Well, the game also allows players to create their own servers but not many know how to do so. But, that is where this guide comes into play.

 How To Make Minecraft (1.19.2) Server

If you want a well-secured 24×7 Minecraft server, the Apex Hosting Minecraft servers have got your back. But, to make your own personalized Minecraft server, you need a really good PC to be able to run this server. You should also note that it would be hosted on your own network and it is clearly meant to be shared with people you trust.

1) First, you will need to download the Minecraft Java Edition server file. The file is available on the official Minecraft website so you need to save it and pin it to your Desktop for easy access. You can also put it in a new folder. Visit here to download the server file.

2) Next, double-click on the file to generate some files. If it doesn’t generate the files, you need to download Java 17 to open the server.jar file. Click here to download the latest Java SDK. Once the download is completed, install the Java SDK and then run the server.jar file.

3) Once new files are generated, double-click on the eula.txt file and change the line that says eula=false to eula=true and save.

4) Now, double-click on server.jar and notice that the server will start by generating more files in the background and open up your server management panel where you can see all the different information about your server as it is running.

5) After this, launch Minecraft 1.19.2 to join the already created server and click on Multiplayer.

6) Finally, click on the Direct Connection option and type in localhost as the IP address, and click on Join Server. Then you’ll be connected to your local server. Well, that’s it. This is how you can create a Minecraft(1.19.2) Server.

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