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How to Make Spoiler Text on Discord Mobile

Discord as you already know is a virtual platform used by millions of people to communicate via text, voice calls, video calls, and many other modes. Perhaps the most important feature of the platform as it relates to gamers is the ability to create large gaming communities for specific games or gamers in general. Discord is available for PC, iOS, and Android. Also, Discord allows users to make spoiler texts which many users are unaware of.

How to Make Spoiler Text on Discord Mobile
How to Make Spoiler Text on Discord Mobile

Spoiler texts are marked lines in a Discord message that hide spoilers or message parts you don’t want others to read without a prompt, at least not yet. The feature comes in handy for spoilers that have to do with movies and other entertainment services, and we know how subtly annoying spoilers can be. Now, do you know how to make spoiler text on Discord mobile? Not to worry as if you don’t, at the end of this article you will know how. Continue reading as we break it down for you.

 How to Make Spoiler Text on Discord Mobile?

Spoiler texts on Discord mobile appear with a grey shade or box over them, and you can create them on any text channel or server on discord. Making spoiler texts is easier than most things; let’s show you how to create them.

1) First, you have to go to messages or chat like you are about to type and send a message.

2) Tap the alternative icon on your keyboard to display your text icons. The ALT icon on most mobile devices is usually accessed by tapping the “ABC” to switch.

3) Tap the line icon twice and click space. The line icon looks like this “|”. Click it twice, type the message you want to mark as spoiler text, and then click the line icon twice again. It should look like this way: ||Thanos wins in the end||. That is if “Thanos wins in the end” is your spoiler text.

4) Click the send icon to send the message. Everything between the line icons will be marked as spoiler text.

Alternatively, you can simply highlight the text you want to mark and click on the eye icon. The highlighted text will be sent as spoiler text. To read a spoiler text, all you need do is click or tap on it and everything covered by the grey box or shade will be revealed. Just be careful not to click them open by mistake, as there are certain movie or game plots you really don’t want to know till you play the game or see the movie yourself firsthand.

We hope this article helped you know how to use the cool spoiler text feature on Discord Mobile. Stay in touch with Vabsaga so you never miss great updates like this one. Also, do not hoard this knowledge; kindly share this article with friends in your discord and other online communities. Have a splendid time.


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