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How to remove Overburdened Status in Armored Core 6 (AC6) Fires of Rubicon?

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon once again proves the capabilities of developer FromSoftware. Officially released on August 25, 2023, for all major platforms except the Switch, it has been receiving wide praise from both critics and fans. This has led to a resurgence in the popularity of the series as a whole. Now, with the game being such a fresh release, many players want to know certain aspects of the game, like how to heal or use photo mode. This guide will explain the overburdened status and how to remove it in Armored Core 6.

Over your entire journey in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, you will face a lot of tough challenges. And it is your Armored Core that will help you overcome them. That’s why players need to take care of their mechs as best as possible. And so, here’s a guide that will help you remove the overburdened status in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon.

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How to Remove Overburdened Status in Armored Core 6 (AC6) Fires of Rubicon?


Overburdened status is just one of the many status effects you will encounter in Armored Core 6. In the game, when your armored core gets the overburdened status on itself, it simply means that the AC is over its weight limit. During the customization of your armored core, it’s highly suggested that you always take care of the weight limit of the mecha. If it gets the overburdened error, then you will not be able to initiate any kind of mission.

You can check your armored core’s weight limit by looking at AP SPECS. There you will see the Current Load option. The weight limit of the mech is denoted by a white arrow. If you don’t want to get the overburdened status, you should always ensure that the weight limit doesn’t surpass the arrow.

Getting rid of the Overburdened Status

The game does give you options to keep your AC’s weight in check. The best option is the Weight Control OS upgrade. This will allow you to sortie despite your mech being under the Overburdened status. Furthermore, the player can purge any current weapons so that the mech weight can be lowered. Additionally, this also helps increase the movement speed of your AC.

Increasing the mech’s weight capacity is another option. If you do want to do so, then upgrade the mech’s legs and arms as these are the primary parts that carry weight. Something such as tank treads or tetrapod for legs should be the best choice. Additionally, since the arms will be the ones carrying your weapons, always check what kind of weapon you will be carrying. Carry lighter weapons until you upgrade your arms.

Players can also click the Toggle Display button in order to check the full stat list. And lastly, the quickest option of all is to simply carry less weight, at least until you get the previously mentioned OS upgrade or increase weight capacity. That said, now you know everything about removing the overburdened status in Armored Core 6. If you find this guide informative, make sure to visit VabSaga for more guides just like this.


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