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How to restore Minecraft Accounts & profiles on new Microsoft Store Minecraft launcher

With the release of the new Minecraft Launcher on the Microsoft Store, it brings forward a platform through which players can access all their Minecraft games. This includes Minecraft Dungeons, Java edition, etc. The launcher however does not include the games, they must be bought separately. The Minecraft Unified Launcher was created for Windows 7/8 and only launches Java Edition and Minecraft Dungeons, whereas Minecraft Launcher for Windows will include those games as well and is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Minecraft launcher
Minecraft launcher

Minecraft launcher account restoration:

Many users who have installed Minecraft Launcher through the Microsoft store have come across issues in regards to transfer of accounts and profiles. To resolve this, here are some steps you can follow:

STEP1: Hold Start button and press “R” on the keyboard to run the run dialogue -> Type “%appdata%” -> Press Enter.

STEP2: Open the “.minecraft” folder. [If nothing is visible, make sure to click on view -> Checkmark “hidden items”]

Minecraft launcher appdata files
Minecraft launcher appdata files

STEP3: There will be two files under the name “launcher_accounts.json” and “launcher_accounts_microsoft_store.json”. Create copies for both these files. [This transfers accounts over]

STEP4: Rename the first file exactly the same as the second file [Delete the second one if you already have a backup or rename it to something else].

STEP5: There will be two more files in the same folder, named “launcher_profiles.json” and “launcher_profiles_microsoft_store.json”. Repeat the same steps as the one above. [This transfers profiles over]

Minecraft launcher Account and Profile data transfer
Minecraft launcher Account and Profile data transfer [“launcher_accounts_microsoft_store1.json” here is the backup copy]
STEP6: Within the folder, there will be a few more “microsoft_store.json” files (like credentials, gamer pics, etc.) which u might want to consider going through. Although this step can be skipped if you feel like these files wont impact you as much. It is likely to copy across most of your Microsoft accounts.

These steps will allow you to transfer the files over to the new launcher. For some devices, they may ask you to log into your Microsoft account individually, doing so will transfer the data. In regards to other things like save files, the new launcher will automatically detect your save files. Once you log in to the new launcher you should be able to pick up right where you left off.


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