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How to share play on PS5 with a friend

In your earlier days of gaming, your friend used to hang out at your place and play with you together, and have a good time enjoying that particular story or FPS game. Nowadays this process has become simplified and way convenient thanks to high-speed internet that you can host any co-op multiplayer game easily. Sony’s next-generation console Playstation 5 now lets you enjoy the same thrill of your old gaming days again using its latest feature called Share Play. This feature also lets you or your friend try out any game before deciding on acquiring those games. Here’s everything you need to know about this amazing feature and how you can play co-op games with your friends from anywhere.

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How to use Share Play on the PS5 console!

Before you use the share play feature, it is advised to use a LAN connection and an active internet connection to your PlayStation 5, otherwise, this feature will not be able to take full advantage of it. Once you’re logged into your PlayStation 5 and connected, Go the game Game Base option and select the “parties” option, and head to party chat or the join party. Once you’re at a party with your friends, the game will fetch y9ou an option to start a share screen. Once you’ve enabled that option, you’ll see a share screen option in the Voice Chat/Party. After selecting the account, select the “Start Share Play” option and it will give you three different modes like Share your screen with Visitor, Visitor plays as you, Pay with the Visitor.

Each have their distinct features that have their merit, visitor can watch your gameplay or visitor plays like you, in case you’re having difficulty beating a particular level and want your friend to take over. The third and most important option and the cornerstone of share play are that you and your friend can play the split-screen on your screen. You and your friend can play co-op games both online and offline. However, you should know that Share Play is limited to only one hour per session of the gameplay, once the session is expired, you will automatically be disconnected.

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Another thing about share play is that if you’re playing on PS5 and your friend is playing on PS4, and if you pause the game or go to the home screen. The PS4 will show a blue screen that says “the host is away from the game, wait until the host comes back”. Once you resume the game on your PS5, the PS4 one’s blue screen will disappear and resume your gaming session.


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