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How to spawn the warden in Minecraft

After waiting for such a long time, Minecraft players can finally enjoy fighting the newly released mob, Warden. Well, the Warden was supposed to be added to the game back in the 1.17 update, however, it was delayed and was made available in June 2022 with the release of the Minecraft 1.19 update. Unfortunately, many Minecraft players are still unaware of how to spawn the Warden in the game and we are here to share all the details on the same. Consider reading this article to know everything about the Warden in Minecraft and how to spawn it.

Minecraft mobs are very popular in the game. They are classified into many categories including Passive, Neutral, Hostile, and many more. New mobs are often added to the game to make the game interesting and the release of the Warden in Minecraft has been a great addition to the game. Well, the Warden falls under the Hostile mob category that attacks players and other mobs. Also, did you know that Wardens are blind? Yes, they depend on vibrations and smell for directions and attacks. They are very powerful so, if you don’t have the best equipment, you should avoid Wardens at all costs. Anyways, if you really want to fight them, you should know how to spawn them. Continue reading for more details.


How to spawn the warden in Minecraft

The methods for spawning Wardens in Minecraft are quite different than spawning any other mob in the game. There are many ways to spawn the Warden and we have shared all of them below.

1) Head to the Deep Dark Biome

This biome was added in the 1.19 update and it is filled with Sculk Shriekers who can summon Wardens in an area once their Sculk sensors detect movement. Well, this biome is quite difficult to find so, if you are not interested to grind that hard, follow the other methods.

2) Using Commands

You can summon a Warden by using the commands menu. However, note that upon entering the command, the Warden will spawn right at your location so be prepared to fight it. The command for spawning a Warden in Minecraft is “/summon warden”.

3) Hatch Eggs in Minecraft Creative

You can head to the Minecraft Creative menu and select the Warden Spawn Egg to spawn a Warden in the game.

Well, these were all the methods using which you can easily spawn a Warden in Minecraft. For more such guides on Minecraft, make sure to visit Vabsaga daily.


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