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How to unlock Twin Mill for free in Forza Horizon 5?

Forza Horizon 5 features cars from various popular licensed car manufacturers and some that are featured in movies or even other games for that matter. There are also cars that are considered rare in the game and are hard to acquire unless there is a special event or through an auction from the game itself. This also includes the fabled Hot Wheels Twin Mill that was available in Forza Horizon 3, 4, and Forza Motorsport 7. Unlike previous games where this car was only available as a DLC or post update, in Forza Horizon 5 you have a chance of getting your hands on one if you’re fortunate. Read on more to find out how to unlock Twin Mill in the game and what else you need to make sure you have a good chance of getting one.

Twin Mill in Forza Horizon 5

Hot Wheels Twin Mills in FH5

This iconic Hot Wheels car has been seen in Forza games and the chances of getting them are random. The car also might appear as a reward from a festival playlist or seasonal event. The Twin Mill also has a chance to be included in the Forzathon shop in the future, so you can keep an eye on when it might appear and then grab it the second you see it.

Twin Mill in Forza Horizon 5

Above we’ve listed the official way of acquiring Twin Mills by playing the game regularly and checking out Auction houses and exclusive events that’ll feature this car. Although there is another way of getting this car by leveraging a glitch in the game as several players have used it to acquire many rare class cars that are normally available through Hall of Fame challenges, festival playlists, and so on. As Forza Horizon 5 is in its early stages, the game is filled with a lot of glitches that many players are manipulating to acquire plenty of items and obtain rare exotic cars. This glitch is known as the “Goliath glitch” and here’s how you can use it to acquire Twin Mills in the game.

How to unlock Twin Mills in the game

In order to acquire this rare car, simply head to the Cars Collection menu and navigate down until you reach the Hotwheels section. You can see Twin Mills listed in the column but a purchase button is missing. Simply hover over the twin mill and back out of the menu and head to car collection menu again and the purchase button will appear there. Buy the car for 110,000 credits and voila! You’ve gotten Twin Mills for free and you can drive it in the game without unlocking it. Head to my cars and you’ll see it in your inventory.



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