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How to use energy in Axie Infinity!

If you’ve played Axie Infinity or players who are new into the game and learning the basics of it can benefit a lot about how to use energy in Axie Infinity. A game that revolutionized and leveraged Blockchain technology that allowed players to earn money while enjoying the turn-based gameplay of Axies battling opponents and earning experience points. Players can collect, raise, breed, and raise adorable creatures that players can trade and sell their axies if their rarity value is higher for a profitable sum.

However, veteran players know the value and aspect of every element of the game, including how much energy they should use when battling opponents. Depending on players, using energy wisely becomes a decisive factor between winning or losing the game. If for some instance that you’re unable to use energy in the game, we’ve also covered that issue here. Read on more to know how you should use energy in Axie Infinity and what else to look out for when doing so.

How to use energy in Axie Infinity

The purpose of Energy in matches?

When you play adventure (PVE) and arena (PVP) energy is consumed. Players can also opt to play both modes without the need of using energy, the only drawback is that you don’t get some of the rewards. In order to earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP) in arena mode, it is a must to possess energy. If you play Adventure mode without energy, players won’t be able to gain EXP to your axies to level them up. You can still earn SLP in the adventure without energy, but it’s limited to 50 SLP per day.

How can I increase energy in Axie Infinity?

The most potent and fastest way to accumulate energy is to own Axies as much as possible in your inventory. To fulfill this requirement, you must own a certain number of axies. If you own 3-9 Axies, you’ll get 20 energy per day, If you own 10-19 axies, you’ll get 40 energies a day and if you own more than 20+ Axies, you’ll get 60 energies per day.

Axie Infinity

How to use energy wisely.

In order to use energy efficiently, we advise you to find your comfort levels in adventure, which depends on your Axie team. We’d recommend you to find the farthest Ruin that you can easily farm without the fear of getting KO’ed to avoid. You’ll most likely reach that point where you can spam a certain level that allows you to earn a daily SLP cap. Once you reach that level, don’t waste any more energy on ruins. Instead, you should spend it on an arena where you can earn a much higher SLP per win.

Continue repeating this strategy until you’ve reached Ruin 21 that fetches a one-time bonus of 200 SLP for beating it. This entire process may take about mostly 2 weeks before you get comfortable, don’t give up. After this, you should be easily able to farm in Ruin 20 that takes only few minutes.






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