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How to use Keyboard & mouse on Nintendo Switch OLED

On some games, there has always been a debate about whether a keyboard-mouse or controller has an edge over the other. Many people have stated that selecting a gamepad controller/keyboard-mouse as the main input in a game may drastically affect its entire gameplay. Some games may work better with one and some with the other. Some console games have shown better results when using a keyboard and mouse due to accessibility reasons.

Nintendo Switch OLED Dock

However, many are not aware of what is required and how this feat is accomplished on consoles like Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch OLED when docked has access to quite a few ports. These ports can be utilized to avail Keyboard and mouse functionality through a Game Console Keyboard and Mouse Adapter [Such as the GameSir VX AimBox]. There are two docks, the old and the new, where the new one has one less USB port, which may not matter for most adapters but it will affect some adapters that may require more ports or if one plans to utilize more than one adapter. 

Here are the steps required to use Keyboard and Mouse on the Nintendo Switch OLED:

Step1: Disconnect all controllers from the Switch. [To disconnect Switch pro controller -> Click on Controllers option from the Main Menu and hit “change grip order”]

Disconnecting Controllers (Source: CTA - tech desk)
Disconnecting Controllers (Source: CTA – tech desk)

Step2: Connect your Adapter to the Switch Dock. Plug in your mouse and keyboard to the Adapter.

Connect adapter to dock, keyboard and mouse - (Source: CTA - tech desk)
Connect adapter to dock, keyboard and mouse – (Source: CTA – tech desk)

Step3: The keyboard and mouse will automatically be mapped by default settings. You may choose to remap them according to the user manual provided with the product. [usually mapped using an app or some other manual medium]

Map keys and sensitivity - (Source: CTA - tech desk)
Map keys and sensitivity – (Source: CTA – tech desk)

Many PC gamers may find it much easier to adjust to console games by using a keyboard and mouse. However, if this method is applied, it requires frequent sensitivity adjustments from game to game. This takes up a lot of time and effort to get right. The sensitivity relies on not just the adapter but the game settings as well. This process is based on trial and error, and there might not be as many presets out there to refer to. Some of these adapters may have built in stock configurations that can be directly imported through their apps or device. The configuration can also be manually updated to suit the user’s needs.

This process may result in the edge that some players may be looking for while availing the optimal performance through the dedicated consoles.


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