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Is Lego Brawls free-to-play on PC, Xbox, PS & Nintendo Switch?

If you are an iOS user, you must be familiar with the popular Lego game, Lego Brawls. However, users of other platforms including PC, Xbox, PS & Nintendo Switch recently got to experience the game as it was released on Sept 2, 2022. Well, although the game didn’t have quite an impact after its release, many players are interested to know if they can play the game for free. So, in this article, we will be sharing all the details on whether Lego Brawls is a free-to-play title on PC, Xbox, PS, & Nintendo Switch. Here’s everything you need to know.

Published by The Lego Group and Bandai Namco Entertainment, Lego Brawls is the new 2D platformer PvP title that has been released for a wider audience. The game was initially released for iOS devices back in 2019, but now, gamers from multiple other platforms can experience it. Well, the game comes with almost all the necessary features that a new title must be equipped with including- cross-platform multiplayer, full controller support, and even Splitscreen/Shared PvP modes. All these however come at a price since Lego Brawls is not a free-to-play title contrary to many beliefs. Continue reading for more details.


Is Lego Brawls free-to-play on PC, Xbox, PS & Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, if you want to play Lego Brawls on your PC, Xbox, PS, & Nintendo Switch, then you will have to spare some bucks for it. Well, we should warn you that the game doesn’t come cheap. No matter which platform you choose to buy and play the game on, you will have to spare a total of $39.99 for it. Although this could definitely put a hole into your wallet, the experience that the game provides is definitely worth it. Also, if you are planning to buy the game but don’t know if it is worth your money, you can download the DEMO version of Lego Brawls via Steam and get a taste of the experience. If you like it, feel free to spend your money, if not, simply move on.

So, now you know everything about Lego Brawls and if it is free-to-play on PC, Xbox, PS, & Nintendo Switch. We hope this article was able to provide you with all the information you needed. For more such informative articles on new games and updates, make sure to follow Vabsaga.


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