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Is Path of Titans Coming To Steam?

Path of Titans is a survival sandbox MMO developed by Alderon Games, where you get to play as a dinosaur from the prehistoric era in a fully functional ecosystem, and each server can house up to 200 players. You can even form packs with your friends and survive together! The game has been gaining popularity recently and has a very active community. It also has modding support through community mods. Path of Titans is available currently on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and also on the Nintendo Switch. As it is available on so many different platforms and also allows for crossplay across all of them, players are wondering if the game will be available through Steam. In this article, we find an answer to that question.

Being an indie game, Path of Titans is still in active development. The game’s demo/preview release on all PC platforms is available only through Alderon Games’ native launcher, from which you can play the game, download mods, and interact with the community. A lot of game developers and publishers today are forcing native launchers into their games and players are tired of having to download separate launchers for different games. Steam allows gamers to have all their games in one place, along with
offering other ease-of-use features like remote updates/downloads, community workshop for easy modding, and the overlay, which allows you to easily screenshot, chat with friends, and even look at guides or open the browser without exiting the game. With so many advantages, it is obvious as to why gamers prefer their games through Steam. So, will Path of Titans be coming to Steam?


Is Path of Titans Coming To Steam?

Well, Alderon Games has provided a definite answer to this question. Unfortunately, the answer is no. On their website’s Development FAQ section, Alderon Games states the answer to this question:


Their main reason for the game not coming to Steam is due to Steam’s highly competitive and also saturated marketplace. Being an indie project, Alderon Games would not be able to spend a lot of marketing capital to ensure engagement and traffic to their Steam page, which would result in their game disappearing off the Early Access, New, and Trending charts very quickly as other games take over. This is an issue many other indie developers also deal with. The other reason is Steam’s big 30% cut. Steam takes a 30% cut of each sale made until the total sales amount reaches $10 million, after which their cut reduces. Achieving that $10 million amount can take a lot of time for an indie game to reach, until which they’re losing 30% of their revenue. Not being on Steam thus allows them to keep that 30% from each sale and reinvest into the development of the game and also ensure that they improve their support towards their community.

Lastly, not being on Steam allows Alderon Games to resolve technical and legal issues, like poor patching speeds and End User License Agreements for mods (since they’re community made) faster, helping them maintain better customer care and support. In conclusion, Path of Titans will not be coming to Steam until further notice due to multiple problems that Alderon Games faces with Steam’s current system and set of rules. There is no news of deals or releases with any other video game marketplaces like Epic Games or either, which indicates that at least for now Path of Titans will only be available for purchase on PC through their website.

Anyway, now you know whether you will be able to access the game on Steam. For more such content, make sure to visit Vabsaga daily.


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