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Is The Finals Linux Compatible?

The PC gaming market is almost entirely dominated by Windows. There is a good reason for this as well. Since Windows typically comes on the widest range of devices from most price points and is the most consumer-friendly, it is the most used platform for gaming. Apart from Windows, developers and other tech know-how members lean towards Linux. The alternative operating system has always been appealing to programmers, developers, and those who want to bypass the limitations Windows offers. The implication is, of course, fewer games. This is true for many popular games on Steam. Of late, The Finals is one of the games that has captured headlines for a lot of Linux users. So, if you are wondering whether The Finals is Linux-compatible, consider reading until the end.

Unfortunately, the developers of many games don’t want to invest the time and resources needed to make the games available on Linux. This is something that has bothered the community for quite some time. Every now and then a new game comes out for Linux users, and there is a lot of hype and hue and cry about it. This also means those games have a dedicated Linux following, and some older titles have been kept alive by Linux users before.

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Is The Finals Linux Compatible?

The Finals is a shooter that takes place in created and destructible arenas. It has a focus on the gunplay and mechanics of the game rather than any abilities or special features like recent games. This is a very interesting take on the shooter genre since it pivots on the gunplay itself. While we don’t see too many shooters like this, the reason this game became popular was for something entirely different.

Is the game Linux-compatible?

No, it is not. The reason this topic even became a topic of debate is because of the technology the developers used for the anti-cheat engine. The Anti-cheat does support Linux, but when players open the game on a Linux system, it crashes and refuses to run. While this in itself is an issue, the larger issue is that the EAC (easy anti-cheat) for the game has not been enabled for Linux. This is essentially what prevents you from playing the game on Linux.

Any word from the developers?

Well, yes! The developers responded to a user on Discord regarding this and essentially stated that they are aware of the Linux support demand. With that response, it is possible that the game might see the light of day on Linux systems eventually. Another developer also mentioned that it is not currently a priority for them, but in the future, things can change. So, as of now, The Finals is not a Linux-compatible game.

Since we know that the developers are interested in making it Linux-compatible, we can expect it soon. However, there is no official confirmation, so we cannot say for certain when it will come out. That being said, if you want more updates on this matter, make sure to visit VabSaga daily.


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