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Is there a Dubium PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch Release Date

In the previous year, social deduction games rose to popularity that allowed the players to enjoy the game among their friends. Among Us is one of those games that let players as a group carry on activities. And there’s also impostor among those players that silently take out the other players. The team members can call an emergency meeting to find out what happened and who’s the impostor. And finishing them after reasoning and statements that players decide on who’s the true culprit. Eliminating the impostor and finishing the tasks. The core gameplay of Among Us inspired many game developers to create a game with a similar atmosphere and blend it with immersive AAA titles. Like the upcoming Dubium by Mumo studio that adapts core elements from Among Us into a unique Sci-Fi universe.

Based in South, Korea, Mumo studios have worked in major titles like Dead to Rights and Black Desert Online. Dubium will be their first major indie title with a total number of 5 players. Now the real question is, will Dubium will be released on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation consoles? Read on more to know more about Among Us-inspired social deduction games.


Setting of Dubium

Set in a fictional sci-fi world, players will take the role of Frontiers or Traitor, all trying to escape from an abandoned space station. Like Among Us, frontiers are more or less the same as crewmates. Working together as a team to fix the solar panel to power up the pod. Traitor on the other hand has the job to sabotage the escape and kill every frontier silently one by one.

While Among us has cartoonish visuals, Dubium’s artistic visuals have revamped to appear as a full-fledged AAA title despite being an indie game. Mumo studio has kickstarted the campaign for those who want to contribute to the development of the project.


Retaining the same mechanics and core gameplay from Among Us, players in Dubium will have access to their own gadgets. Those gadgets can be upgraded using rewards that are earned through gameplay. The game also allows players to customize their character according to their playstyle. A twitch extension is also being made for Dubium for streaming purposes that’ll let the audience advise an action or make decisions for the streamer. Dubium also includes built-in voice lines and expressions that’ll help players in easily communicating with them. Even if they hail from different locations around the globe.

Release Date of Dubium for consoles.

The game is still in development, so the official release date for Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch consoles has not been disclosed. While the game is listed on Steam. It is expected to release in 2022.


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