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Last Spartan standing challenges not working: Fixes & Workarounds

The popular FPS game of 2022, Halo Infinite recently received its new Season update. As a part of the new season, the Last Spartan Standing game mode was also introduced which brought new and interesting challenges to the game. However, the experience of the Halo Infinite players hasn’t been so smooth as the new update brought a few issues with it. Well, as per reports, players are unable to progress further in the event as the Last Spartan Standing Challenges are not working resulting in loss of progress. So, is there a fix to this? Consider reading this article to know more about the issue and how to fix it for good.

New updates and seasons are often accompanied by new bugs and glitches whenever they are released. Likewise, in Halo Infinite, Season 2 has introduced new issues that have been causing a lot of frustration among players. As players are joining the new LSS game mode in Halo Infinite, they expect the in-game challenges to progress after the match is completed. But, this isn’t happening as the progress is either lost or doesn’t appear at all. So, what is the reason behind this issue? As per sources, we have found that if players leave the in-game match early, the progress or XP earned is only credited to the account once the match is officially over. However, not every player received their earned XP and progress when the match got over and this is something no one would want to experience. So, what can you do if you encounter this issue in Halo Infinite? More details are shared below.


Last Spartan Standing Challenges not working: Fixes & Workarounds

If you are facing the LSS Challenges not working issue in Halo Infinite, chances are that you haven’t updated the game to the latest version. We can say this for sure because the devs at 343 Industries have identified the issue and released an update to fix it. All you need to do is simply close Halo Infinite and launch it again. This will enable the game client to access the update and fix the challenges not working issue. The devs have also mentioned that they are currently investigating issues related to progression in events as well, so keep an eye out for another update in the game.

Well, this was everything you needed to know about the Halo Infinite Last Spartan Standing Challenges not working issue and how to fix it. For more useful guides, don’t forget to visit Vabsaga.


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