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Lords of the Fallen (LotF) Elegant Perfume: How to get, find, & use

Lords of the Fallen has a lot of hidden treasures scattered around the entire game. Some can be found with little effort, while others are so well hidden that even following a guide may turn out to be a difficult choice. Just like that, sooner or later you will come across a word like “Elegant Perfume”. So what is it? How do I find it? Stay tuned with us and learn all about this precious item, which is one of the hardest to find.

This elegant perfume may look useless at first, but it has a very special purpose. It turns out that this tiny veil of perfume can stun a boss called the Sundered Monarch. Again, all bosses in this game are godly, and even a single help means a lot. Just like this perfume, it helps you defeat it. Otherwise, be ready to burn some heavy resources.

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Lords of the Fallen (LotF) Elegant Perfume: How to get, find, & use

Free the Tortured Prisoner

This is a female NPC who is jailed inside the Skyrest Bridge. To get the elegant perfume, you must complete one big mission in multiple parts. To free her, you must find an item called “Searing Accusation” and give it to her. She will be at the top of the Skyrest hub, inside a jail cell. From there, enter the umbral realm and finish the small sidequest. This will reward you with that item. Then return to her, give her the item, and the first part of the task will be over for you.

The Giant Eyeball

After giving her the searing accusation, she will free herself and wait outside the hub as a merchant. She won’t go anywhere until you again present her with the giant eyeball. This is a boss item dropped by Spurned Progeny. You can find this giant in Lower Calrath. Defeating this creature will grant you one giant eyeball. Now return it to the Tortured Prisoner. Upon giving it, the game will prompt you to move her to a new location. Accept that prompt, and now she will move to the boss arena of Spurned Progeny.

The Noblewoman Set

It is an armor set, and you can find it in Upper Calrath. This set has four main armors. This looks funny enough when equipped, but that much humiliation is welcome for the upcoming prize. After you find all the sets, wear them, return to the new location of the tortured prisoner, and strike up a conversation.

Charred Letter

After that encounter, she will ask you to find the charred letter. This is also a side quest that requires you to unlock five beacons. This unlocks the final location of this area, called “Bramis Castle,” in the Upper Calrath. Unlock the gate to this location, and on the left side of the entrance, you can find the charred letter.

Return to the tortured prison

After finding the letter, look for the new location where the Tortured Prisoner can be found, which is right beside the Beacon of Upper Calrath. Find her and give her the Charred Letter. After this, she will reward you with the Elegant Perfume.

This was our complete guide on how to find the elegant perfume in Lords of the Fallen. If you found this guide informative, make sure to visit VabSaga for more such content.


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