Lost Ark will soon receive its first new subclass, Glaivier

Lost Ark will soon receive its first new subclass, Glaivier

Lost Ark has several subclasses that did not make it from the Korean version of the game to the localized edition of Amazon Games, which was released in February. Thanks to a tweet from Lost Ark, we may soon be able to play one of these subclasses in the game.

The Tweet, which you can see above, only contains a GIF with a rotating blade that indicates and the date of April 21 below it means that Gaivalier is due to arrive in next week’s update. Glaivier, also known as Lance Master in the Korean Lost Ark, is a subclass of martial artists that specializes in the use of spears and glaive, poking enemies with dangerous sharp objects from a safe distance. He can use his special class ability to switch between attitudes during combat.

Glaivier already has a page on the official Lost Ark website, which provides a brief description of his style of play and shows some of the skills you will use on the battlefield. Here is a description of the new Lost Ark subclass:

“Glaivier has two different sets of skills, each represented by one of her weapons, the spear and the glaive. The best way to take advantage of her eloquent, yet deadly form of martial arts is to find a balance between her two attitudes.”

If April 21 is really Glaivier’s release, in a week we’ll be throwing big deadly polearms in every possible way. If you are new to Lost Ark, this is an isometric online action / RPG that you can download and play for free on Steam. In my review, which you can read here, I gave the game a 8.25 out of 10. If you’re a fan of games like Diablo, or want to try an MMO that’s easy to get into, Lost Ark is a great game you should try.