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LotR Return to Moria: How To Get & Find Bronze Ingots

The tutorial in LotR Return to Moria is a handy one. It covers basically everything that a beginner should know. From finding ore veins to crafting simple items, it shows you the basics to get started, but that doesn’t mean you will suddenly become an encyclopedia of everything this game has to offer. The tutorial only scratches the surface, and it’s your job to figure out the rest. Sooner or later, you will come across the need to find bronze ingots. So what exactly are they, and how to get them? More details on the same are shared in this guide.

Bronze ingots are bars of bronze. In a few games, you are supposed to mine or scavenge bronze and then melt it into bars. But LotR Return to Moria has something different in place. Every resource in the game has a slight twist to how players can obtain them, and the same is true for Bronze Ingots.

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LotR Return to Moria: How To Get & Find Bronze Ingots

In LotR Return to Moria, bronze is a mixture of two items: copper and tin, just like in the real world. So, this means that to get bronze ingots, you will first have to get Copper and Tin ores. This can be a hassle since now you have to look for not just one but two ores to craft a specific ingot. However, since you will need this resource for various crafting recipes, getting it is important.

Get Copper and Tin Ore

After you have completed the tutorial and started your journey deeper into the chasm, you will start seeing new elements. One of them would be orange veins with green patterns on them. That’s copper. Usually, these veins spawn in the darker places where orcs reside. So, mine those veins to get an ample amount of copper ore. As for tin veins, they emit a bright red color. Do not mistake tin for iron veins. Iron veins have a rusty-colored look to them, while tin veins are striking red. While walls are your best option most of the time, that doesn’t mean they won’t spawn on the floor. In some rare cases, you can see tin veins in some random boulders on the floor. So, once you find one, mine it to get tin ore.

The Great Furnace of Narvi

This is where you crafted your first tool. It requires recipes that will unlock with time and effort. Iron Ingot is the first one that will unlock, and then slowly you will receive the recipe to craft Bronze Ingot. Also, make sure to craft a steel pickaxe if you haven’t already. Well, that’s a given since it is mandatory to build one before the requirement to craft Bronze Ingot even appears. Tin and copper can be mined with a steel pickaxe or higher. After you have gathered enough tin and copper, use the crafting station in the furnace and start crafting bronze ingots. Each bronze ingot requires 3x tin and 3x copper. Lastly, the crafting process takes 45 seconds, so be patient.

Well, this is all about how to get & find Bronze Ingots in LotR Return to Moria. If you find this guide informative, make sure to visit VabSaga for more such content.


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