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Madden NFL 23 Controller not working properly for some players: Is there any fix yet

Games like Madden NFL and FIFA are best enjoyed when played with a controller. Well, PC controls are amazing as well, but to get the ultimate experience, it is advised to use controllers. However, one cannot use a controller in a game that fails to recognize the correct buttons pressed. This has been happening with some Madden NFL 23 players as their controllers are not working in the game. Without much help from the official team, players are looking for fixes to this issue. If you are facing the same problem, consider reading this article. Here’s everything you need to know.

Playing games with a controller is something that many gamers prefer over using a mouse and keyboard. This stays true even for players who have PCs instead of consoles. Thanks to the compatibility support that is integrated into games, PC players can enjoy games on their PC using a controller as well. Likewise, Madden NFL 23 players are also making use of this feature only to be greeted with some really annoying issues. As per recent reports, players who tried playing Madden NFL 23 using a controller on their PC are facing issues as their controller inputs are not reflected correctly in the game. A player has mentioned that the game is reading wrong inputs from their Xbox controller which is connected via USB. We know that this can be quite an annoying issue, so this guide is here to help you with that.


Madden NFL 23 Controller not working properly for some players: Is there any fix yet

Unfortunately, the devs haven’t acknowledged this issue yet so we are yet to get an official fix for this. Meanwhile, if you are struggling with this issue, you can follow our workarounds that might fix it for good.

1) Disconnect other input devices

If the game is reading wrong inputs from your controller, then consider disconnecting all other input devices from your PC and then check if it fixes the issue.

2) Reconnect your controller to your PC

Consider reconnecting your controller when facing this issue in the game. You can also try using a different controller to check if the issue persists.

3) Update Controller Drivers

Head to the Device Manager and find your Controller in the HID Section. Now, right-click on your controller option and select the Update Drivers option. Once this is done, launch the game and the issue should be fixed.

4) Avoid using third-party controller managers

Software like DS4Windows can often cause problems with the game, so it is better to avoid using them. You can head to the Controller Support Settings on Steam and enable the PS, Xbox, and Generic Gamepad Config support options for the best controller compatibility.

So, now you know how to fix the Controller not working properly error in Madden NFL 23. For more such useful guides, make sure to stay tuned with us on Vabsaga.


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