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Madden NFL 23 Crashing on Xbox Series X for many users: Is there any fix yet

Madden NFL 23 is the newest entry of the Madden NFL video game franchise. Featuring enhanced visuals and gameplay mechanics, the new Madden NFL 23 is here to provide a seamless American Football experience to its fans. However, the experience has been quite smooth as one might recollect. We have had multiple reports from players facing numerous issues related to the game and the most common one is the game crashing on Xbox Series X consoles. So, is there a fix to this issue? Well, we don’t have any official fix as of yet, but you can try some workarounds that might be effective against this issue. In this article, we have shared all the potential workarounds that might fix the crashing issue of Madden NFL 23 on the Xbox Series X consoles issue. Here’s everything you need to know.

Although EA games are immersive and feature close-to-reality gameplay mechanics, you wouldn’t be able to experience any EA game in peace as they come with their fair share of bugs and errors. That being said, EA’s new installment in the Madden NFL franchise has been released recently but it has been causing a lot of trouble for the players. Issues ranging from Face of the Franchise mode freezing to crashing on Xbox Series X consoles, the game is just plagued with a bunch of such errors. But, some of these errors can be fixed with some really easy workarounds and the same can be said for the game crashing issue on Xbox Series X consoles.


Madden NFL 23 Crashing on Xbox Series X for many users: Is there any fix yet

We have a bunch of workarounds to fix the crashing issue of the game on your Xbox Console, so make sure to try each of them to get the best results.

1) Restart your console

A simple yet effective fix to almost every issue related to a game. So, consider restarting your console and then launching the game.

2) Remove USB-connected devices from your console

Make sure to remove unused devices from your console and then restart it. After this, the crashing issue should be fixed.

3) Change Power Saving mode

Head to Profile & system > Settings > General > Power mode & start-up. Now, select a Power mode from the Drop down menu. After this, save the changes and then launch the game.

4) Check if there are any updates pending

Make sure that your console is up-to-date. If not, then consider updating it to the latest version.

5) Clear Persistent Storage

For this, Go to Settings > Device & Connections > Blue-Ray > Persistent Storage. Now, select the Clear Persistent Storage option and then launch the game to check if the issue persists.

6) Clear Alternate Mac Address

To clear the Alternate Mac Address, head to Settings> General> Network settings> Advanced settings > Alternate Mac address. Now, select the Clear option and then the Reset option.

7) Check for additional downloadable files for the game

Simply head to the Manage Game and add-ons option under the My Games and Apps section of your Xbox Settings and select Madden NFL 23. Then head to the Manage Installation on Xbox option and then download any additional files that are available.

8) Change DNS Settings

Changing your DNS settings can also do the trick. So, set your Primary DNS Setting to, and  Secondary to

9) Remove Gamertag

In this method, you will have to remove your gamertag from your EA account and then create a new one. This has been suggested by a user on the official EA forums, but we are not quite sure if it works.

So, these were some of the potential workarounds that might be able to fix the Madden NFL 23 crashing on Xbox Series X consoles. For more such articles, make sure to stay tuned with us on Vabsaga.


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