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Mario Party Superstars DLC Release Date, Leaks & Rumours: When is it coming out?

Mario Party Superstars is a remake and compilation of the first three installment boards along with the minigames from the entire series. It is a digital party board game developed by NDCube and published by Nintendo. The game features characters from the Mario multiverse where each has their own special dice. The objective of the game is to amass the most number of stars within the given limited turns. Stars can be bought bought using toad coins which are earned through mini games, turns and board platforms. The maximum number of players on a board is four, though in some modes, two-player teams can play together.


This game only has eight boards based on its initial release. The number of boards (five) are less than what was expected. The first original version had eight boards and the next two had six. Since Mario party Superstars was derived from these games, it was expected to at least have as many boards as the original. We can only hope for more boards to be added through upcoming DLCs.

Data Leak for Mario Party Superstars DLC:

It is a Switch exclusive gameĀ that came out on the 29th of October 2021. There has been no intimation by Nintendo regarding any updates and DLCs yet. However, recently, some dataminers on reddit have claimed to have found files for extra boards labelled “hsbd10.nx.bea” and “hsbd99.nx.bea”. When reviewed, these files were empty, which might indicate that they may have been test files for upcoming DLCs. These were able to be mined because the entire game was pirated and leaked online prior to it’s release.

Mario Party superstars datamine leak
Mario Party superstars datamine leak

There were indications of minigames like tug of war being brought back. The game will not require motion controls, therefore, it can be played even on the switch lite.

Also, considering the fact that this game is based off of the first three installments, it is likely that the DLCs will include boards, minigames or characters from the other installments of Mario Party. Since the game has declared that it would have in-app purchases, these DLCs may potentially be paid downloads.



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