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Minecraft 1.17 update (Bedrock Edition) : How to get custom capes?

Capes have always been Mojang’s most exclusive items in Minecraft. There are only two ways to attain Minecraft capes without Mods – by attending special events or buying skin packs. These capes will be visible to you and all players in the game. However, if you decide to utilize mods for capes, it will only be visible to those who have the exact same mods installed. Therefore, depending on the official capes that one owns, it can symbolize how long you might have been playing, along with your achievements.

Minecraft Founders cape
Example: Minecraft Founders cape live event

Officially, Bedrock Edition has about two dozen capes. To attain them, most would either have to purchase them or attend certain events. One such event is for those players migrating accounts from Bedrock to Java edition.

For those that want to apply mods to the bedrock edition, however cannot do so. This is because of the universal codebase upon which it is based, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition does not officially or unofficially support mods. This is however, not the end. Bedrock players can now avail capes for free as well. This can be done through importing custom capes as a resource.

Steps to import capes for free in Minecraft Bedrock Edition:

Minecraft Lunar cape
Lunar cape
Minecraft Tiktok cape
Tiktok cape

Here are steps to import some custom capes made by a youtuber – Xatalyst:

STEP1: Download the Files as per these link: Custom

STEP2: Extract the file from the zip.

STEP3: Click and open the MCPack. This will automatically import the pack into the game.

STEP4: Click on Settings -> Global Resources -> My Packs -> Custom Capes

STEP5:  Click on the setting icon. Move the slider to choose the cape from the selections.

Minecraft 50 Custom capes pack
Minecraft 50 Custom capes pack

These capes are a collection of 50 custom made capes that are fully compatible with the Animated Wings V2 pack.  [NOTE: Make sure to put the cape pack below the wings]. They even come with the Java cape animations and are supported in multiplayer. These selections of capes are one of the only ways to import capes into Bedrock Edition for Free. There are an assortment of capes available in this pack, including – Tiktok, PVP, Lunar, Lightening, etc. You can choose any cape style that fits your taste and further adventure into you Minecraft worlds.

If you do want to experience more capes and mods, maybe you can consider moving onto the Java edition of Minecraft.

Do make sure to visit Xatalyst’s youtube channel and support him if possible.


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