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Minecraft: How to fix ‘We are unable to connect to the Marketplace’ error

Minecraft is a game that grants full freedom to players to build, explore and survive in a 3D-generated block world. Players can gather resources and craft new items that help them in the journey of survival. A game that rose to popularity and is one of the most played games of all time and adored by its fans. But during recent times, the game is encountering several glitches and bugs that seem to ruin the experience. Whether it be from random crashes, servers facing lags, and the latest marketplace error that’s preventing players from seeing items in the marketplace, which made them unable to buy items that aggravated the fans.  If you’re also facing a marketplace error, then you don’t have to worry about losing your progress or items.  Read on more about Minecraft: How to fix ‘We are unable to connect to the Marketplace’ error.

Minecraft: How to fix 'We are unable to connect to the Marketplace' error

What is Minecraft Marketplace?

Minecraft Marketplace is a place where you can acquire many new items, community-made textures, skins, epic adventures, and more. Think of it as a vendor, where you can acquire various types of items from the get-go at a designated price. Obtaining these items is simple most of the time. But due to glitches, sometimes the game fails to load the items in Minecraft Marketplace and prevents players from viewing or accessing them.

So if you’re also facing this issue where the marketplace is buggy and looking for a solution, you’ve come to the right place.

How to fix Minecraft Marketplace!

Before we get into the issue of the marketplace. Make sure that your internet connection is stable as slower connections can break the connection between the marketplace and game. Depending on your platform, we have listed several fixes that should work on your version of Minecraft.

Minecraft: How to fix 'We are unable to connect to the Marketplace' error

For Minecraft PC

In order to fix the marketplace issue of Minecraft on PC. All you have to do is log out of your Microsoft account and then close the game. After 5 to 10 minutes, launch the game again and sign in to your account and your marketplace error will be fixed.

For Nintendo Switch

To solve marketplace errors on Nintendo Switch, you can fix marketplace bugs by checking outdated or corrupt data in the game. To do so, Nintendo Switch comes with its own tool so you can scan your games and fix the corrupted files that are causing the error. Follow the necessary steps to fix data corruption scan on Minecraft

  • Launch System Settings on Switch
  • Go to Data Management Setting
  • Select Manage Software
  • In the game’s list, find Minecraft and select it
  • Find the “Check for corrupt data option and select it.

It will perform a complete scan of any corrupt file and let you know. However, if the utility doesn’t detect any issues, then you can reinstall the game and everything will be fixed.

Minecraft PE

If you’re encountering a marketplace error on Android or iOS, then update the game to the latest version. It should fix the problem.


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