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Minecraft: How to make Stonemason Villager

One of the most useful types of villagers in Minecraft is a Stonemason villager. By trading with Stonemason villagers, players can acquire various types of stone and earn emeralds in the process. However, to create a Stonemason villager, you’ll need to know the steps involved. In this article, you can find out the steps on how to make a Stonemason villager in Minecraft.

What is a Stonemason villager in Minecraft?

A Stonemason villager is a type of villager profession in Minecraft. These villagers specialize in the crafting and trading of various types of stone-related items. When a regular villager is assigned the Stonemason profession, they will wear a white apron and will have access to a special set of trades. These trades include buying and selling various types of stone, such as stone bricks, granite, andesite, and diorite, as well as other stone-related items like polished variants of these stones, stone slabs, stairs, and walls.


Stonemason villagers are useful for players who need to acquire large quantities of stone or decorative blocks made from stone, as they can offer a reliable and renewable source of these materials. Additionally, trading with Stonemason villagers can help players earn emeralds, which can be used to purchase valuable items from other villagers.

Minecraft: How to make Stonemason Villager

Here are the required steps –

  • The first step to turning a regular villager into a Stonemason and assigning them a profession is to provide them with both a bed and a worktable, specifically a stone cutter. Do note that it is important to ensure that neither the bed nor the stone cutter is already being used by another villager.
  • Next, destroy any other existing worktables besides the stone cutter.
  • Then, wait for the villager to notice the bed and the stone cutter. The villager will then approach the stone cutter and begin to use it.


  • After using the stone cutter, the villager will be assigned the mason profession and will wear a white apron.
  • Once the villager has been assigned the mason profession, you can trade with them. Mason villagers will buy and sell various stone-related items, such as stone bricks, granite, andesite, and diorite.

This was an article regarding the steps on how to make a Stonemason Villager in Minecraft. For more such useful guides, make sure to stay tuned with us on Vabsaga.


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