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Minecraft Legends Texture Not Loading Issue: Is there any fix yet

Minecraft Legends has been recently released, and players (not all) are more than pleased with the game. Developed by Mojang Studios in collaboration with Blackbird Interactive, it is a spin-off title in the Minecraft series and has managed to gain a decent player base, all thanks to the popularity of Minecraft. Well, just like any new game getting released, Minecraft Legends is also not free of bugs, as players have encountered many. While some are unable to play the game due to it constantly crashing on their systems, others simply couldn’t change the in-game resolution. So, if you are planning to try the game, make sure you are ready to experience bugs. Well, we have another problem that seems to be quite detrimental to the overall experience of the game, and that is the texture not loading issue. If you are facing the same, then consider reading till the end as we are here to share all the details on it, and provide you with some workarounds (if they exist).

Being a real-time strategy title, Minecraft Legends offers players an open world to explore, collect various resources, and fight piglins and other players in real-time. So, encountering bugs in a tight battle against enemies can lead to frustration, and that is quite obvious. The texture not loading issue in the game needs immediate fixing as it is a game-breaking bug. Players have reported that when they start a new match, the in-game UI either disappears or shows only a fraction of it. And, that’s not all. Even some areas of the map fail to load properly which restricts players from attacking their opponents efficiently. This is not an optimal way to play the game, and the devs need to act fast or a considerable amount of the player base will eventually ditch the title, in search of a new one.


Minecraft Legends Texture Not Loading Issue: Is there any fix yet

Well, although not surprising, an official fix for this issue in the game doesn’t exist. The developers have not even acknowledged the bug, so a fix for it will take quite some time to get released. This could be due to the fact that only a few players have encountered this problem, and the majority seem to not be affected by it. So, unless more reports are registered for this bug, we don’t think any official fix would be released. But, what about workarounds? Well, we do have some, but since the root cause of this issue is unknown, we are unsure if any of them will eventually work. You can still give them a try though.


Restarting your game and eventually your PC/console can also fix such issues in the game. Since this isn’t rocket science, consider restarting the game and your system, and then launch Minecraft Legends again to check if the issue persists.

Update Game

Make sure that the game is updated to its latest version. Game updates include bug fixes, so who knows, this issue might get fixed automatically with one of the patch releases.

Load previous save

You can also try reloading a previous save file to get rid of this issue. Do note that this will affect your in-game progression. So, do this only if the previous save file is recent.


Well, this step is the last resort. If the issue persists in the game, consider reinstalling. After you install Minecraft Legends again, hopefully, you will not encounter the issue again.

If none of the methods worked, then all you can do now is wait for the devs to release an update or hotfix for the issue, but this is surely going to take time. Anyways, if we get more information on this, we will update this article at the earliest. Till then, make sure you visit Vabsaga for your daily dose of gaming content.


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