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Minecraft Movement Glitch while Sprinting: Fixes & Workarounds

We all know that Minecraft is a very fun and engaging game. Well, it is also known for featuring a huge array of bugs and glitches that ruins the experience of the players. Recently, players have reported that they are encountering a movement glitch in the game. Due to this, the screen jiggles indefinitely like when players start and stop sprinting at the same time. So, is there a fix to this issue? Yes, there is and we are going to share all the details regarding the same. In this article, we have featured some workarounds that will fix the Minecraft movement glitch while sprinting issue. Here’s everything you need to know.

If you want to traverse the infinite map of Minecraft, one thing you must do is Sprint. If you walk during your exploration, well, let’s just say you won’t be able to cover enough distance. So, sprinting is an essential mechanic in the game, and not just Minecraft, it is essential in almost every single-player/multiplayer game. Anyways, as per the reports from players, the sprinting mechanic in the game has been acting out due to which the screen constantly jiggles between two FOVs indefinitely when the players hold the sprint button. So, after testing this out, we came to know that this is a fairly easy problem to fix. If you wish to know more, continue reading.


Minecraft Movement Glitch while Sprinting: Fixes & Workarounds

The movement glitch while sprinting is reported to be occurring whenever players hold the sprint button. So, the most obvious and effective fix for this glitch is to stop holding the Sprint button and tap it once. Now, you may think, if we don’t hold the sprint button, how can we sprint in the game, right? Well, if you are accustomed to holding the Sprint button while sprinting, then make sure to disable the Toggle Sprint option from the in-game Settings menu. If you press and hold the Sprint button in Minecraft while the Toggle Sprint option is enabled, then the game misreads the input and thinks that you are turning the Sprint on and off consistently.

So, the easiest way to fix this issue is to either disable the Toggle Sprint option and then hold the Sprint button, or tap the Sprint button to sprint while the Toggle Sprint option is enabled. We hope this article was helpful and was able to provide you with all the information you needed. For more such guides, make sure to visit Vabsaga daily.


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