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MLB The Show 22 co-op not working: Fixes & Workarounds

The most popular baseball video game series, MLB The Show just released its latest entry, MLB The Show 22. Well, the game was not well received by the fans as there are multiple issues with the in-game mechanics and whatnot. However, reports of players facing co-op not working issues in the game have surfaced on the internet and we are here to share the details on how to fix it. If you are facing this error as well, consider reading this article till the end. Here’s everything you need to know.

Being a baseball simulation game based on Major League Baseball, MLB The Show games are known for featuring quality experience. Published by Sony Interactive, the video game series has managed to set a mark in the gaming industry. However, the game is not as popular as it should have been and this is because there are plenty of issues and errors that players are often frustrated about. Likewise, in the latest entry, players have reported that the game fails to launch the co-op mode thereby restricting them to play the game with their friends. Since this feature is new to the game, many players are interested to try it but fail to do so. Now, is there a fix to this issue? Well, there are some workarounds that you can try but we are not sure if they will work.


MLB The Show 22 co-op not working: Fixes & Workarounds

There can be multiple reasons as to why you are facing the co-op not working error in MLB The Show 22. But, if you follow the given steps carefully, there is a chance that the error gets fixed.

1) Check your internet connection

If you have an unstable internet connection using which you are trying to access the co-op mode in the game, then you might encounter the error. So, either switch to a new connection or reset your existing connection to fix this error. You can also use a wired connection for better network stability.

2) Check MLB The Show 22 Server Status

Sometimes due to server maintenance, you might encounter this error in the game. So, consider visiting Downdetector for MLB The Show 22 or the game’s official Twitter account to check the server status.

3) Reinstall the game

If none of the above-mentioned methods worked for you, consider reinstalling the game. You can also try and contact the devs to share your problem with them here.

So, this was everything you needed to know about how to fix MLB The Show 22 co-op not working issue. For more such articles, make sure to stay tuned with us on Vabsaga.


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