Mysterious Medallion From New Witcher Game Confirmed

Mysterious Medallion From New Witcher Game Confirmed

CD Projekt Red has one of the mysteries behind their new . clarified The Witcher teaser. Earlier this week, the game developer revealed that they were working on a brand new game based on The Witcher kicking off a “new saga” for the popular game franchise. As part of the announcement, CD Projekt Red has released a teaser of a Witcher medallion half buried in snow. The medallion did not belong to Geralt, the famous protagonist of the franchise, but instead seemed to belong to a brand new school.

After CD Projekt Red Global Community Director Marcin Momot apparently confirmed speculation on Twitter, Eurogamer has received confirmation that the medallion belongs to the School of the Lynx. “Okay, some mysteries shouldn’t be so mysterious,” Robert Malinowski, CD Projekt Red’s director of global communications, told Eurogamer. “I can confirm that the medallion is, in fact, shaped after a lynx.”

The curious thing about the confirmation is that there is no “School of the Lynx”, at least not officially. While a witcher fanfic set after the end of the third game does include a School of the Lynx, which is the only reference to a school with the big feline.

The popular speculation is that the medallion represents a fresh start for The Witcher game franchise, set after the series of novels written by franchise creator Andrzej Sapkowski. With the novels, three major games and a TV show starring Geralt, CD Projekt Red may want to tell new stories that explore the mythology of The witch. While Witchers were nearly wiped out prior to the start of the novels’ event, a new witcher game could explore a time when Witchers wasn’t a nearly extinct profession yet.

It’s also possible that one of the last Witchers is trying to start a new school to train new Witchers. After all, more and more monsters have appeared on the continent, so a character like Ciri or Geralt could try to keep their profession alive.

Obviously we are still a long way from finding out more about this new one witcher game. That doesn’t stop fans from speculating about what the game entails, though. Share your thoughts in the comment section below!