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Naraka Bladepoint Season 2 Release Date: When is it coming out?

Until now, battle royale games had always been about shooters and how well players react to the battlefield. Predicting where the enemies are, picking guns that suits player, and teamwork. This changed when Naraka Bladepoint was released. Instead of roaming the area for guns, players can pick from a collection of martial artists, and fight other players using skills, swords, and archery. Players can maneuver around the map using the grappling hooks, leap around branches, and sprint across rooftops. If you’ve played Sekiro, and want to show off your sword skills against the best players. Naraka bladepoint is a game you don’t want to miss.

Unlike mainstream battle royale games like COD Warzone, Valorant, PUBG PC, and Apex Legends. Players can sneak up on unsuspecting players, strike them stealthily, or make skillful escapes in Naraka Bladepoint. With the game released for quite some time, there are questions among players about the second season of the game. What else has been planned in season 2 of Naraka Bladepoint? Read on more about Naraka Bladepoint Season 2 Release Date and When is it coming out?

Naraka Bladepoint Season 2 Release Date

Character customization in Naraka Bladepoint

Naraka Bladepoint allows players to deeply customize the appearance of their character to their liking while paying attention to every detail. Meaning you’ll be able to discern your opponent’s silhouette easily and your character’s appearance will stand out. While the game doesn’t let players choose the body shape, you can make changes to characters with just about everything else. Hell, you can even put someone else’s face, or upload a picture of your own as your in-game avatar. Something which no battle royale games have been able to do that.

Is this game free to play?

Contrary to how most of the BR games are free to play, Naraka Bladepoint is not free. The game is currently available on Epic Games and Steam platforms. It is available to pre-order on those platforms and features three editions of the game, which are standard, deluxe, and ultimate. Each edition comes with different bonuses and special content.

Naraka Bladepoint Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 release date

According to the creators of Naraka Bladepoint, each season will last for three months. As the game was released publically on August 11, the first season will be ending on November 10 or 11. According to that timeframe, we can expect that Naraka Bladepoint Season 2 Release Date is shortly after that.

The devs also stated that they’ll be bringing more content to the game that consists of skins, characters, and new weapons. So better start saving as the new battle pass will feature exciting stuff that’ll totally blow the minds of players.


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