Netflix's Choose or Die, Ti West's X and any other movie you can stream from home this weekend

Netflix’s Choose or Die, Ti West’s X and any other movie you can stream from home this weekend

This weekend Choose or diethe 2022 video game horror film starring Iola Evans (carnival row) and Asa Butterfield (Sex education), will premiere on Netflix. If you’re not looking for 80s themed throwback horror and ghost technology à la 2004 stay alive, don’t worry – there are tons of great new releases on streaming and VOD to choose from this week.

In addition to Choose or choosee, the Spanish comedy drama Today we fix the worldthe polish romantic comedy Taming the shrewdand the Nigerian drama The Man of God are all coming to Netflix this weekend. The latest horror movie from The Devil’s House director Ti West starring Mia Goth is finally coming to VOD, as well as the Australian action-horror movie Wyrmwood: Apocalypse and the cerebral sci-fi thriller car starring John Malkovich.

The Philippine-Japanese Sports Biopic Gensan Punch coming to HBO Max, while the haunted house thriller The basement shake it up. Oh, and did I mention that another critically acclaimed 2021 film from the director of drive my car is coming to Criterion Channel this weekend? As I said, there is a lot of great movies to choose from!

To give you an idea of ​​what’s new and available, here are the new movies you can watch this weekend via streaming and VOD.

Choose or die

Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

(LR) Asa Butterfield as Issac and Iola Evans as Kayla in Choose or Die.

Image: Netflix/CURSR Movies

The 2022 horror movie Choose or die Iola Evans plays Kayla, a broke college student and programmer who encounters an obscure 1980s text-based survival game believed to be tied to an unclaimed prize of $100,000. However, this is not Ready Player One† to think Black Mirror: Bandersnatch† Aided by her friend Isaac (Asa Butterfield), Kayla soon discovers that the game, dubbed “CURS>R”, is (unsurprisingly) cursed as the choices made in the game become reality in increasingly terrifying ways. As Jon Foster once said in the 2006 film: stay alive“If you die in the game, you really die.” Also, Robert Englund (aka Freddy Krueger) appears as a fictionalized version of himself – neat! From our review,

After 84 minutes, Choose or die is an exciting film that rests on solid, solid stories. Evans, a surprising newcomer, gives Kayla a rich inner life. She’s a bundle of stress and exhaustion, all worked out over her hardened face. Her performance begs for other components around her to feel similarly elevated, a request the film can’t fulfill due to its frustrating simplicity. In that regard, one of the film’s biggest offenders is the wimpy character Lance (Ryan Gage), who may work in the building, may have a sexual relationship with Kayla’s mother, and is certainly her dealer, but languish as a cartoonish garbage predator who barely feigns credibility.


Where to watch: Available to rent for $19.99 on Amazon, Apple and Vudu

X's doomed crew walks through tall grass, film equipment in hand

Photo: Christopher Moss/A24

Ti West’s 2022 horror film stars Mia Goth (Suspiria) as Maxine Minx, an aspiring actress who drives with her producer friend Wayne (Martin Henderson) and his amateur film crew to a remote Texas ranch to film an adult movie. When the crew is unexpectedly chased and terrorized by their reclusive hosts, the survivors must make a desperate attempt to escape with their lives. From our review,

While the premise of a porn shoot turning into a horror show could easily result in a sloppy parody, Ti West has more in mind. The adult movie corner serves two purposes: it puts a meta twist on the practically obligatory nudity and adult content of R-rated slasher movies, and it uses the porn industry to talk about indie movies in general. The first half of the film is a love letter to independent filmmaking, to the satisfaction of grabbing a group of like-minded friends and a camera, and heading to a remote location to make films. During the Q&A following the film’s SXSW premiere, Ti West spoke about the similarities between horror and porn in the 1970s — specifically, the desire to break free from studio systems and make a name for yourself, with nothing else in hand. then a good idea.

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

Where to watch: Available to stream on Criterion Channel

Image: criteria channel

While directing his 2021 Oscar-nominated drama drive my carRyusuke Hamaguchi also directed another slightly less recognized, but no less gripping masterpiece: the Romantic Drama Anthology Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy† Encompassing three different stories involving a love triangle, a college student’s plot to ensnare his professor, and a chance meeting and confession, Hamaguchi’s film explores the complexities, frustrations, and catharsis of human relationships in loving attentive detail.

Gensan Punch

Where to watch: Available to stream on HBO Max

Nao Tsuymama in the ring in Gensan Punch.

Image: HBO Max

This is a sports biopic about Nao Tsuyama, a boxer with a prosthetic leg who moved to the Philippines to continue his career and became known as ‘Gensan’. From award-winning Filipino director Brillante Mendoza, Gensan Punch won the Kim Jiseok Award at the Busan International Film Festival in 2021.

The basement

Where to watch: Available to stream on Shudder

Abby Fitz as Ellie in the chilling horror film The Cellar.

Photo: Hudder/RLJE Films

A haunted house thriller, The basement is both the title of this film and the place where the teenage daughter of lead actor Keira Woods (Elisha Cuthbert) disappears. As Keira searches for her, she unlocks a dark spiritual mystery that points to something ancient and evil lurking in the house.

Wyrmwood: Apocalypse

Where to watch: Available to rent for $6.99 on Amazon, Apple and Vudu

Cyborg Zombie (Alex Jodenon) strangles Brooke (Bianca Bradey) in Wyrmwood: Apocalypse.

Photo: Emma Bjorndahl/XYZ Films

The sequel to the cult hit of 2014 Wyrmwoodthis Australian action-horror franchise seems like the “crazy max, but with zombiesatmosphere of the first. This film follows Rhys, a soldier who realizes that his “work” has done more harm than good. When he encounters a zombie-human hybrid, Rhys sees it as an opportunity to actually save the world.

Taming the shrewd

Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

Maryla (Dorota Stalinska) and Kaska (Magdalena Lamparska) in Taming the Shrewd.

Image: Netflix

This Polish romantic comedy follows Kaska (Magdalena Lampraska), a scientist who returns home after being dumped. When her return interferes with her brother’s plans to sell the family’s land, he hires a handsome stranger (Mikolaj Roznerski) to court her and convince her to agree to the sale. Surprise, surprise, the two fall for each other! This one gets a TV-MA tag from Netflix, so expect a spicier rom-com than some of their US offerings.

Today we fix the world

Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

David (Leonardo Sbaraglia) and his son Benito (Benjamín Otero) are drinking juices by a pool in Today We Fix The World.

Image: Netflix

The Spanish Comedy Drama Today we fix the world follows David (Leonardo Sbaraglia), a highly successful workaholic TV producer and an emotionally absent father to his 9-year-old son Benito (Benjamín Otero). When Benito’s biological mother confides in David that he may not be the boy’s father on her deathbed, the two embark on an emotional journey to find Benito’s actual biological father as they explore the extent of their own complicated relationship.

The Man of God

Where to watch: Streaming on Netflix from April 16

Samuel (Akah Nnani) staring into a mirror preparing for a sermon in The Man of God.

Image: Netflix

A faith-based drama from Nigeria, The Man of God follows Samuel (Akah Nnani), the son of a strict preacher who pushed him from home. When Samuel feels the decline in his faith, he is caught between the many worlds he occupies.


Where to watch: Available to rent for $5.99 on Amazon; $6.99 on Apple and Vudu

John Malkovich as Dr.  Churn in Chariot (2022).

Image: Saban Films

John Malkovich stars in 2022 sci-fi thriller car as dr. Karn, an eccentric specialist who oversees a process of technologically assisted reincarnation for unwitting subjects. When a young man named Harrison (Thomas Mann) begins to have strange visions after meeting a woman (Rosa Salazar) he loved in a past life, he turns to Karn for help. Now that time is running out, Karn must heal Harrison’s condition or jeopardize the entire system of artificial reincarnation. While this may initially sound like a mash-up between the supernatural drama of 2020 nine days and Lisa Joy’s neo-noir thriller Memorythe trailer for car looks a lot freakier than even that, with strangers floating through space as disembodied avatars and mysterious figures dressed in high-tech plague masks that look like something out of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus