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Nvidia Streamer Service Missing: How To Fix It

GeForce Experience by Nvidia is a companion app for graphics cards made by Nvidia itself. Like AMD’s Radeon software, it is built for graphics card optimization and update patches mainly. But that’s not all that it can do. The app also allows players to capture video and audio of their play sessions and broadcast their games to YouTube and Twitch among many other things like it.

The GeForce Experience app has a myriad of issues. But they are fixable. One of the issues is that of a missing Nvidia streaming service in the GeForce Experience app. If you have been reading this article, then it’s more than likely that you are currently experiencing this too. Fret not!! We have some workarounds available which will solve this problem.

Nvidia Streamer Service Missing: How To Fix It

Nvidia Streamer Service Missing: How To Fix It

Due to it being a software issue, the methods differ a lot. So, make sure to follow each method carefully.

Rollback to the previous version of the app –

One thing you can do to mitigate this issue is to roll back to a previous version of the app. New versions of the app may have some problems, so you can go online and download the previous versions of the Geforce Experience application.

Uninstall and reinstall –

If the first method doesn’t work, it’s time for you to uninstall the app. Go to Control Panel > Uninstall a program. Search for Nvidia GeForce Experience, click on it and press the uninstall button. After that go to Nvidia’s website and download the latest version of the app from there. Install it and see if the issue persists.

Run the app in administaror mode –

To run the app in admin mode, right-click on the app shortcut and click on Properties which will be located at the bottom. After that, head over to the compatibility tab and click on the option named “ Run this program as an administrator” at the bottom. Now select ok and apply.

Reinstall graphics driver –

If you happen to have a faulty graphics driver installed, the Streamer service will be missing. To fix this, uninstall the graphics driver by doing so in the Device Manager. Go to Display Adapters, select your GPU, and right-click on it. Out of the five given options, press the uninstall device option. The first part is done. Now, what you need to do is go to Nvidia’s website and look for the latest graphics driver for your GPU. Download it and install it.

We hope that this guide has helped you in fixing the streamer service missing issue. If Nvidia ShadowPlay is not recording Discord, check out this article. Don’t forget to bookmark us to get the latest on gaming and tech. Game on!!


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