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Outlast 3: Release Date For PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One & Windows (PC)

Outlast series has been able to hold its fans in a gripping position. The reason? Their third part is on the horizon. After much anticipation, Outlast series is soon going to turn into a trilogy as the third part is coming soon. The video gaming series started back in 2014, developed and published by Red Barrels. The game focuses on Miles Upshur, an investigative journalist based in Leadville, Colorado. In the first part (titled Outlast), Miles finds out about a broken psychiatric hospital. From a first-person perspective, you get to see homicidal patients running this psychiatric hospital. Therefore, this game is nothing short of a gem for stealth lovers.

The environment around the hospital is spooky. Therefore, when people roam around the game, they utilise the camcorder. Why so? This is because the camcorder in the game is equipped with night vision. This stands as the only option for people to see through the darkness and make it out alive. The background music has been a great area of work by Red Barrels studio. It can instantly give the spine tickling feels of being caught by the enemy.

Now, this survival horror game is soon going to get its third part. But what is the title? When is it releasing? Here are all the details for you.

Outlast 3: Release Date

Red Barrels have officially announced about Outlast getting its third part. The game titled The Outlast Trials does not directly continue the narrative of the previous two games (Outlast 1 and Outlast 2 respectively). Outlast 3 takes a dark turn inspired by history, showcasing the lab experiments, that were conducted during the Cold War.

Although the game series has had the trend of coming by May, the ongoing Covid-19 has changed the trend. But the game trailer has confirmed a release by 2021. You can therefore expect to see the game on Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox by the end of this year. An official date is yet to be announced. You can expect the game to come around by November end-December first week. But if there’s any update regarding the official release date of Outlast 3, you can find all the details here, first on VabSaga.


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