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Overwatch 2 Audio & Sound Not Working Issue: How to Fix It

When Overwatch 2 was released, gamers were excited and looked forward to playing it. Recently, they’ve complained that the game has sound issues. In this article, we will be looking at possible fixes for the Overwatch 2 Audio & Sound not working issue. Let’s briefly have an overview of the game before we launch into that.

Overwatch 2 Audio & Sound Not Working Issue: How to Fix It
Overwatch 2 Audio & Sound Not Working Issue: How to Fix It

Overwatch 2 is an evolving free-to-play action game that was published and developed by Blizzard Entertainment. This first-person shooter game is exclusively in multiplayer mode where characters are divided into a damage class, support class, and tank class. The damage class is in charge of their offensive actions while the support class is in charge of accountability for healing and enhancement. The tank class is accountable for the safety of the team. In the initial version of the game, two players from each class made up each squad while in Overwatch 2, one less tank slot was added by bringing the overall number of players of each team to five. Coming back to the topic, let’s discuss steps to take if the audio and sound aren’t working in the game.

Overwatch 2 Audio & Sound Not Working Issue: How to Fix It 

Gamers have been concerned with the audio not working in the Overwatch 2 video game which basically disrupts the overall experience during gameplay. We’ve come up with a list of possible fixes to solve this issue.

Step 1) Confirm Your Audio/Sound Devices Are Connected

Double-check that your audio devices are properly plugged in and turn them on. Also, make sure your audio drivers are installed and set up.

To do these, follow the given steps:

1) Hit Start and type in “sound” in the search parameter.

2) Navigate to Change System Sounds option.

3) Next, choose the Playback tab at the very top.

4) Then search for the device you listen to your audio with.

5) Make a right-click on the device and choose the Set as default option.

6) Make a right click again and choose the “Set as default communication” option.

7) Next, disable every device that is currently not in use.

Once this is done, restart your PC and then launch the game to check if the issue is solved.

Step 2) Make Sure Audio Devices are Enabled

The next step is to go over to the Playback tab and make a right click on the device that you’re currently making use of. Confirm that the device is the only enabled device. Go to the Properties option of the playback device and head over to the Advanced settings. Now, select the Default Format option, and click on the drop-down to choose the 48000 or 44100 Hz options. Then, click on Apply to save the changes made. Launch the game to confirm if this step fixes the issue.

Step 3) Check Your Sound Volume Panel

To do this:

1) Make a right click on the sound icon on the taskbar and open up the Volume mixer.

2) Then, you move the audio all the way to the top for Overwatch 2.

3) Ensure to check your default output device.

4) You can also plug and unplug your headset into a different port to confirm.

Step 4) Scan and Repair

1) Go to the Blizzard Launcher and locate Overwatch 2.

2) Click on the Settings wheel, then select Scan and Repair. This will run through all the files on your computer for the Overwatch 2 video game and fix any issues. So, with this, the audio issue should be fixed.

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