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Overwatch 2 Best Settings for High FPS

For any first-person shooter title, having the best possible performance is the ultimate goal. Well, since Overwatch 2 is a new game that is currently in Beta, many are unaware of the Best Settings in the game for high FPS. So, in this article, we will be sharing all the details regarding the same. If you have access to Overwatch 2 Beta, then consider reading this article till the end to get the maximum FPS possible. Here’s everything you need to know.

Frames per second/latency/input lag are the primary concerns of a gamer who is into First-person shooter games. This is because these three parameters can either enhance your experience or degrade it drastically. Having high FPS in a game like Overwatch 2 can give you an edge over others as the animations will be smooth and fluid. So, high FPS is always a major factor that many gamers account for when buying a new PC or trying a new game. Anyways, if you don’t have a decent setup but want to get the maximum FPS possible from Overwatch 2, then this guide is for you. More details about this are shared below.


Overwatch 2 Best Settings for High FPS

Being in the Beta phase, Overwatch 2 features a ton of errors but that doesn’t mean the game is unplayable. If you get enough FPS and low input lag, you can shred any enemy you see in the game. So, follow this guide to make sure that Overwatch 2 gives you the maximum FPS possible.

First, launch the Overwatch 2 game. Now, head to the Video Settings menu. Here, you will get a bunch of different options that you can play with. However, make sure to set each setting in the game as per this guide for the maximum FPS.

Display Mode– Fullscreen
Target Display– Best Match
Resolution– Your monitor’s resolution(1920×1080)
Field of View– 103(Maximum)
Aspect Ratio– 16:9
Vsync– Off
Triple Buffering– Off
Reduce Buffering– On
Display Performance Stats– On

Expand the Advanced Performance Stats option and match the given settings-

Show Framerate– On
Show GPU Temperature– On
Show Vram Usage– On
Show Network Latency– Off
Show Network Interpolation Delay– Off

Nvidia Reflex– On
Display System Clock– On
Limit FPS– Custom
Frame rate cap– 150/170/250(Set it slightly above your monitor’s refresh rate)
Graphics Quality– Low

Now, expand the Advanced Graphics Quality settings and apply the given changes-

Render Scale– 100%
High-Quality Upsampling– Default
Texture Quality– Low
Texture Filtering Quality– Low
Local Fog Detail– Low
Dynamic Reflections– Off
Shadow Detail– Off
Model Detail– Low
Effects Detail– Low
Lighting Quality– Low
AntiAlias Quality– Off
Refraction Quality– Low
Screenshot Quality– 1x Resolution
Ambient Occlusion– Off
Local Reflections– Off
Damage FX– Default

You can change the Gamma Correction, Brightness, and Contrast settings according to your choice as they don’t impact in-game FPS. After applying all the changes, make sure to hit Enter to apply the changes. After this, you will be getting high FPS in Overwatch 2. We hope this guide was able to provide all the information you needed. For more such guides, make sure to visit Vabsaga daily.


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