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Overwatch 2: How to Add Crossplay Friends on PS5 & Xbox

Video games with the crossplay feature are more appealing to gamers for obvious reasons. If the game is as fun as Overwatch 2, the feature then counts as a double bonus. As you must have rightly guessed, Overwatch 2 has a crossplay feature but many players do not know the process of how to do it. That is why in the course of this article, we will walk you through how to add crossplay friends on PS5 & Xbox in Overwatch 2. Let’s briefly talk about the game details before we launch into that.

Overwatch 2: How to Add Crossplay Friends on PS5 & Xbox
Overwatch 2: How to Add Crossplay Friends on PS5 & Xbox

Overwatch 2 is a multiplayer FPS video game sequel to Overwatch, earlier released in 2016. The game was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Overwatch 2 was released recently on October 4 2022 for Microsoft Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Let’s now discuss how to add friends via the crossplay feature.

Overwatch 2: How to Add Crossplay Friends on PS5 & Xbox

Although Overwatch 2 is a multiplayer video game where you can play with random teammates, it is best enjoyed with close friends. Now, the PS5 and Xbox consoles are arguably the topmost popular consoles and you or your friends might have either of the two. That won’t stop you all from playing the game simultaneously, as long as you follow this guide to add crossplay friends on PS5 and Xbox while playing Overwatch 2. Before anything, you will have to merge your Blizzard account across your gaming platforms. After this, follow the given steps-

1) The first obvious step to take is launching the game, after which you need to open the game menu.

2) Next, go over to the Options Menu and select ‘Social’ which is usually displayed as an icon made of human figure profiles.

3) On the new page that opens, scroll to ‘Add Friends’ and click on it.

4) Now, type in your friend’s username together with the hashtag and numbers attached to them and click on ‘Send Request’.

5) You can also receive requests from friends. To accept them, scroll over to ‘Invitations’ at the top of the screen and click it open.

6) Then select the username for the ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ options to pop up, then click on accept. We know you won’t reject them. Also, once your friend accepts your request, he/she will appear in your Friends list. If they are on another platform, you will see them to your right under the Other Platforms category.

7) Whenever you want to play Overwatch 2 with your friends, all you have to do is go to your Friends list via the Social option, select the friend and click on ‘Invite to Group’.

That’s it on how to add crossplay friends in Overwatch 2 on PS5 and Xbox. Kindly share this article with friends, and stay in touch with Vabsaga for more updates. Have fun playing the game with friends.


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