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Overwatch 2 Mythic Skins: How to get & unlock

Overwatch 2 is the sequel to the original Overwatch, an abilities-based tactical FPS. The game was widely regarded at its peak as the last hope for FPS games and was heralded as a huge success. Overwatch 2 is from the same developers, but this time it is free to play and a live-service game. It is an exceptionally well-optimized game that will run at good frame rates on almost any system. Additionally, it has excellent graphics that make playing it at higher FPS a much better experience.

The developers of the game have gone the EA route with the current game. The heroes and characters were kept the same for the most part, with some new additions. The game also offers a battle pass system with various tiers of skins for players. Many argue that this game has been ruined by microtransactions, but the skins are really cool, and lots of players want them. In this article, we are going to walk you through how to unlock some of the most popular Mythic Skins in Overwatch 2. So, consider reading until the end.

Overwatch 2 Mythic Skins: How to get & unlock?

Overwatch 2 has many of the beloved heroes from the first game. Heroes like Tracer, Winston, and others like Widowmaker have made a complete transition to the newer version of the game. That being said, the developers are releasing skins and other mythic outfits for their popular characters. There are mythic skins only for a few characters. These mythic outfits are usually part of the Battle pass system in the game and have to be obtained by reaching certain tiers in the battle pass. Additionally, they are usually in line with the season theme, be it Greek (Junker Queen) or Japanese (Kiriko). It is important to note that these skins can only be unlocked this way. Finally, all these skins are time-limited, and we do not know if they will make an appearance in the store or battle pass again.


How to get them?

As of now, there are no mythic skins that you can get in the game. All the skins listed here are time-limited, which means they are no longer available.

1). Cyber Demon Genji

This can only be acquired if you get to tier 80 of the first season’s Battlepass. If that was not the case, you cannot get this skin any longer since it was a limited-time battle pass drop. It is important to note that this is a customizable skin, like all mythic skins in-game.

2). Zeus Junker Queen

This Junker Queen skin was a limited-time Battle Pass skin that can be acquired only after reaching tier 80 in the Season 2 Battle Pass.

3). Amaterasu Kiriko

This Kiriko skin was the highlight of Battle Pass Season 3 and was unlocked at Tier 80. Like with the other skins on this list, you cannot get this skin apart from the battle pass it came out in.

4). Galactic Emperor Sigma

This iconic Sigma skin was obtainable at Tier 80 of Battlepass Season 4. It is important to note that the developers opted to go with variant-based skins after this, so this might be the final non-variant skin of the bunch. It is also customizable like the other Mythic Skins, but it does not have any variants.

5). Adventure Tracer

This multi-tiered skin set can be unlocked at tiers 45, 65, and 80 of Season 5’s battle pass. Unlike the others, this was a variant-based skin set, so you could collect the different versions of the skin and get them at the above-mentioned tiers.

6). A-7000 Wargod Anna

Finally, this Anna skin came with the Season 6 battle pass and would be unlocked at tiers 45, 65, and 80. Like the tracer skin before it, it is a multi-tiered skin set and can be unlocked at those tier intervals.

Well, if you understood anything from Overwatch 2’s Mythic Skin unlocking, it is that you should probably buy the battle pass. If you play this game enough to want these skins, you are better off buying the battle pass and unlocking them through the BP rewards system. Anyway, we hope this article helped you understand how to get/unlock Mythic Skins in Overwatch 2. If you want to read more articles like this on Overwatch 2 and other popular games, make sure to visit VabSaga.


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