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Oxenfree 2 (II) Lost Signal Tootega Falls Transmitter: How to Place it?

Steam has a ton of unique releases, and Oxenfree 2 is one of them. Oxenfree 2 does justice to its predecessor, Oxenfree, which was well-appreciated by fans. Players will get easily immersed in the world of Oxenfree 2, which is a perfect fusion of 2D and 3D. The in-game art style and soundtrack keep the adventure and horror concepts well-balanced. Oxenfree 2 is filled with a lot of mysterious and interesting events. Some of them are even connected to the first installment. In this game, you take control of Riley, a girl who is bound to unravel the mysteries of both the natural and supernatural worlds surrounding her. You are given a ton of objectives in this game, and placing a Transmitter in Tootega Falls is one of them. A lot of fans are wondering how to place it, though. If you are wondering the same thing, continue reading.

As the player in Oxenfree 2, you must explore the lands of Camena, which are haunted by supernatural entities and events. You encounter a lot of anomalies throughout the entire game. But to tackle this and progress further, you need to complete quests. One such quest requires you to place transmitters in three different locations in Camena. Tootega Falls, Charity Point, and Garland Church are the locations we are talking about. Your core objective is to place the transmitters in these locations to interpret the anomalies. Now, at some point in the game, you will be required to place a transmitter in Tootega Falls. Placing a transmitter will require you to solve some sort of puzzle. Upon solving it, you can place the transmitter successfully. Well, if you are unable to solve the puzzle to place the transmitter, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.


Oxenfree 2 (II) Lost Signal Tootega Falls Transmitter: How to Place it?

Enter Tootega Falls

Tootega Falls is one of the prime locations in Camena. There will be a key event that will happen upon your entry to the place. Anyway, before you begin with the process, we would like to let you know that there are spoilers ahead. That said, upon reaching Tootega Falls with Jacob aside, you will discover a lot of Maggie Adler’s letters. Make sure to collect them. Next up, take your Walkie-talkie and check up on Shelly, Evelyn, and Maria. Continue to head further, and you will come across a key member, Charlie. You will need to befriend him before talking to him. Approaching him will initiate a pursuit.

The Pursuit

You will start a pursuit for Charlie. Chase Charlie till he gets cornered by Jacob. You must make sure to calm both of these characters by choosing the best dialogue options. When the situation gets under control, things will get weird. Charlie will get possessed and start to walk away. To find Charlie again, you need to climb the ladder and head towards the bridge. Now, after spotting Charlie, you must use your radio to free him from his possession. Here are the frequencies you need to tune into: 92.5, 101, 108. After getting him free, you can approach the path near the bridge. Enter the path, and then you will be able to find the location where the transmitter must be placed.

And this is how you place the Transmitter in the Tootega Falls. The locations are pretty difficult and confusing, but they contribute to a major story progression when found. We hope you have found the content informative. For more reads like this, make sure to visit Vabsaga.


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