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Payday 2 crashing on Steam Deck: How to fix it

Games allow players to immerse themselves in activities that could get them imprisoned in real life. Imagine planning the biggest heist of the century along with your friends. Well, the thought itself is thrilling. Well, Payday 2 gives the same experience to the players. So, players can enjoy the thrill on their PC and console. In addition to that, even Steam Deck has Payday 2 in its arsenal. Hence, you can conduct a bank heist while waiting for your turn to get the coffee. However, recently, many players have reported facing crashing issues in the game while launching it on their Steam Decks. If you are encountering the same problem, then read the article until the end.

Payday 2 is a four-player cooperative action game. It offers a first-person shooting experience. The game is a sequel to the original, Payday: The Heist. Overkill Software released the game on Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox. Subsequently, the game was given a Verified Badge by Valve testers for the Steam Deck. However, even a verified game is vulnerable to bugs and issues during gameplay on the Deck. Likewise, the game crashing on Steam Deck is something that most Payday 2 players are frustrated about as they are unable to enjoy the co-op game with their friends. Is there a fix available?

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Payday 2 crashing on Steam Deck: How to fix it

Payday 2 crashing on Steam Deck: How to fix it

Well, there could be various reasons for this crashing issue’s occurrence. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t addressed this issue yet. Hence, there are no official fixes available yet. However, many players have reported the issue and shared fixes that helped them. So, we have listed workarounds that could resolve the crashing issue.

Restart the Device 

The simple yet effective workaround is to restart your Steam Deck. This will get rid of any software-related issues causing the game to crash. In addition to that, it enables the Deck to load the game files properly. Hence, it might resolve the issue caused by software conflicts.

Reinstall the Game 

Many times, missing or corrupted files could be a reason for the game crashing. Therefore, it is recommended to reinstall the game. After a fresh reinstallation, the crashing issue would cease to exist.

Update the Game and Device

An outdated SteamOS could interfere with the smooth functionality of the game. So, it is recommended to download the latest SteamOS version on your device. Also, make sure that the game is up-to-date. Since the developers address issues and release patches to fix them.

Change Proton Version

You can use Proton to run Windows games on Linux-based SteamOS. Well, there are a bunch of Proton versions to choose from, and most games work well with a specific version. According to the players, Payday 2 works well with the Proton Experimental. Follow the steps below to change the Proton version of the game:

  • Open the Steam Library and head over to the game’s tab.
  • Here, tap on the Options button and select Properties.
  • After this, select Compatibility.
  • Here, you will see different Proton versions.
  • Select Proton Experimental.
  • Once done, launch the game.

Well, you can also use the trial and error method to choose the best Proton Version for running the game.

Set Launch options

Many players on ProtonDB have reported that adding a bunch of launch options could help with the smooth functioning of the game on the Steam Deck. Follow the steps below to try the workaround.

  1. First, open the Steam Library and head over to the game’s tab.
  2. Now, select the Options button and tap on Properties.
  3. Then, navigate the Launch Options located in the General Tab.
  4. Next, enter the following command in the Launch Options textbox: “DXVK_ASYNC=1 PROTON_DXVK_ASYNC=1 PROTON_USE_DXVK=1 PROTON_FORCE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE=1 gamemoderun %command% -skip_intro”.
  5. Once done, launch the game.

Use default control options

Setting the control options to default has helped fix the issue for some players. So, give this method a try. To do so,

  • First, navigate to the Options menu of your Deck.
  • After this, go to Controls.
  • Now, select Default Control Options.
  • Once done, launch the game.

Well, that’s all the workarounds you can try to fix the game crash issue on your Steam Deck. Nevertheless, if the issue persists, you can contact Steam Deck Support. Anyway, we hope that the workarounds helped you resolve the issue. For more such guides and updates, make sure to visit VabSaga daily.


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