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Phasmophobia “Frostbitten” Weekly Challenge Explained

With the advent of August 2023, Phasmophobia inches closer to its console release. Currently available only on PC as an early access title, the paranormal investigation game will be arriving on PlayStation 5, PSVR 2, and Xbox Series X/S this month. The console version of the game will also be released as an early-access title. But that’s not all. Kinetic Games, the British indie video game development studio behind Phasmophobia, is gearing up for the launch of one of its biggest updates in a while, Progression 2.0. All these new and exciting things have led to a constant influx of new and old players. Now, one thing that both veterans and newcomers have to deal with in the game besides ghosts is the weekly challenges. And like every other week, a new one has arrived.

Weekly Challenges aren’t mandatory to do, but they provide some worthwhile fun for the players. As you may have already guessed by that name, these last for exactly seven days and reset every Monday. Depending on the difficulty of the challenge, it can take players somewhere between an hour and more to complete one. So, what’s the deal with this week’s “Frostbitten” weekly challenge in Phasmophobia? Let’s find out!!


Phasmophobia “Frostbitten” Weekly Challenge Explained

This week’s challenge is – Frostbitten: It’s so cold that it’s slowing everyone down including the ghost! Correctly find the ghost type in Camp Woodwind.

The reward for completing this weekly challenge is $3000. Now, like every other weekly challenge, this one too has a set of parameters attached to it. For starters, both you and the ghost are limited to 75% speed. Sprinting is allowed, though. And as you may have guessed by the title of the challenge, it’s cold everywhere.

Coming to the topic of base difficulty, the challenge is set to the Professional preset with modifiers. These modifiers include the previously mentioned cold everywhere, i.e., weather set to always snow, and reduced speed. Additionally, the hunt time is also adjusted to low, and players will experience increased ghost activity.

Like most other weekly challenges, you will have three pieces of evidence in total. When it comes to the topic of equipment, players will be able to use almost all of it except for the following –

  • Strong Flashlight
  • Lighter
  • Candle

The Fuse Box is broken, so you will not be able to turn it on. As such, you will have to make do with Flashlights. No cursed objects this time around. You will also have a 3-second hunt grace period.

The weekly challenge this time around can be quite hard. The always-snowing and broken fuse box parameters provide a tough challenge to players. For finding the ghost orbs, the best advice we can give is to look out for “floating snow”. The difficulty of this challenge is entirely dependent on the ghost you get, but either way, try to finish it as soon as possible. That said, we hope you find this guide informative. For more guides on Phasmophobia, keep visiting Vabsaga.


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