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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP) : How to get Charcoal?

In battles against other Trainers, the items you give your Pokémon to hold have a significant impact. The items held by your Pokémon can help deal more damage, withstand more attacks in battle, and even perform complicated strategies that may not be possible with only moves and Abilities. These items may seem to provide small increase in certain elements, but it is this very fact that gives you an edge over the other Pokémon without an item. Some may be general, while some may exclusive to a type, Pokémon or condition.

About the item Charcoal and it’s location:

Charcoal is one such item which can be held by Pokémon. It is only effective when held by a fire type Pokémon, since it boosts Fire type moves by 10% additional fire damage. This item can either be found once in Route 227 or has a 5% chance to be found held by wild Vulpix, Ninetails and Torkoal. 

Players must first Navigate to Route 227 where you have to reach the east of the right pond. However, to get to that Area, you will need a pokemon to learn Rock Climb. Without this move, it is impossible to get to the area with the item Charcoal.

Pokemon charcoal location (2)
Pokemon charcoal location
Pokemon charcoal location
Pokemon charcoal location

Here are the steps to Obtain the TM100 Rock Climb:

TM100 Rock Climb is one of the easiest hidden moves in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl to overlook. This hidden move is actually quite well hidden, and if you don’t know where to look, you may end up unable to climb those pesky cliffs. This is where you’ll find this vital TM.

You must first be able to use Rock Smash and Strength before you can use this TM. Take the route through Mount Coronet to Eterna City or Celestic Town.  After a short distance, the path will connect to Route 216 and then to Route 217.

When you reach Route 217, a blizzard will appear, making visibility difficult.  After the blizzard begins, stay to the left until you find a cabin. When you enter, the hiker will tell you that he dropped the TM containing Rock Climb. Return outside and look behind the house for an item. Pick it up to gain access to the TM Rock Climb. You can now climb cliffs by walking up to them and pressing A. Before you can use Rock Climb outside of battle, you must first obtain the seventh gym badge.




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