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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to break rocks?

Like all previous  Pokemon games, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond also has a segment where some rocks may be blocking the way. These rocks may pose as obstacles that prevent you from progressing further into the story or getting an item. Therefore, we have the move Rock Smash in the Pokemon franchise that can be used to break specific rocks. Players must first beat Roark of Oreburgh City, the Sinnoh region’s first gym leader, before they may utilise Rock Smash through the Poketch app. This guide will explain players how to obtain it and how it works.

Finding and using Rock Smash in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl:

When players get at the Oreburgh Gate cave via Route 203, they will see a hiker straightaway. The Hiker then adds an application for utilizing Hidden moves in the Poketch. He will grant the player the TM98, a Technical Machine for the move “Rock Smash,” if they have gotten the Poketch item from Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Jubilife City. These Poketch items can be obtained by finding all three clowns in the city and answering them correctly.

TMs can only be used once and therefore, the Pokémon you choose for the TM will impact your gameplay for quite a while. After acquiring the TM Rock Smash, teach it to your Pokémon of choice (who can learn it).

pokemon rock smash
pokemon rock smash

To utilize the move Rock Smash, players just need to press “A”  while standing next to it.

This will smash the rock in front of the player. However, do keep in mind that you won’t be able to utilize this move until you’ve defeated the first gym leader. You must travel south from his gym and seek him out in one of the nearby mines. He isn’t far in, but you will have to fight your way through a few encounters to get to him. You can challenge him once he returns to the gym. [Having water type Pokémon will definitely help you clear this gym, as most of them revolve around rock type Pokémon]. Here are his Pokémon:

  1. Geodude, level 12, rock/ground
  2. Onix, level 12, rock/ground
  3. Cranidos, level 14, rock

This TM will be one of the first ones a player can get their hands on in this game. There will progressively be more encounters in different locations where you will come across more TMs and HMs. Both of which have quite a lot of utility within the game.


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