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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to get & catch Gible, Lapras, & Steelix?

Every player has dreamed of an ideal Pokémon team inspired from various trainers. These teams may not necessarily consist of legendary Pokémon. There are many other common and rare Pokémon that can potentially exhibit strength and utility that rival or sometimes even overpower legendary Pokémon if used right.

How to Catch Them:

Some of these Rare Pokémon are Gible, Lapris and Steelix. The steps below describe how to catch them once you encounter them:

  1. Just in case, save before you encounter the Pokémon and then get  the into combat.
  2. Immediately throw a Quick Ball which has a 4x rate of success if used on the first turn. If that doesn’t work, aim to put the Pokémon to sleep.
  3. Reduce the Pokémon’s health as much as possible. To leave it at 1 HP, use the move False Swipe.  If it wakes up, continue to put it back to sleep.
  4. Throw Ultra Balls at it until it’s caught. Other balls such as Net ball, Heavy ball, Dusk Ball, etc can also be used depending on the situation, to increase catch rates. Use Timer Balls instead if the battle lasts more than 10 turns.

Finding Gible:

Gible is a Sinnoh region dragon-type pseudo-legendary Pokémon. It is resistant to most types but weak against Dragon and Fairy type Pokémon. It is extremely difficult to obtain because all of those dragon-types have a very low spawn rate.

Gible can be found only in the Wayward Cave, which is beneath the Cycling Road on Route 206. Within the cave, it can only be found in the cave’s secret entrance, which is found to the left of the main entrance and directly under the overpass. There will be a few rocky obstacles which can only be moved using the HM Strength (which can only be obtained at the top of the Lost Tower on Route 208 and can only be used after defeating Canalave City’s Gym Leader).


Finding Lapris:

Lapris is a Water and Ice type Pokémon capable of absorbing water and utilizing it as shield to protect itself from critical hits, while also absorbing water and replenish their health. However, it is weak against Grass, Fighting, Rock and Electric-type attacks.

  • Navigate to Victory Road -> travel down the waterfall -> Enter Rock caves.
  • After entering, head down the Rock Climb HM. (This path will be unblocked by the NPC after beating the Pokémon league).
  • Follow the path and navigate in the right side direction till you reach a foggy cave. (Use the skill Defog to remove the fog, it is only required for the first time).
  • There will be a body of water to the right. You must travel to the center of the body of water. using Surf, where you may come across a wild Lapris.

Finding Steelix:

Steelix has a 1% Spawn rate and does not show up in the poke-dex location. It Spawns around Victory Road, but it’s habitat is pretty vague. The chances of encounter will depend on your luck.


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