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Pokemon Go Leaders not appearing: Fixes & Workarounds

Pokemon Go features a total of 3 powerful trainers from Team Rocket Go. Well, they are often regarded as Leaders in the game, and they are hard to encounter. Some players have reported that even after equipping a standard radar and waiting in an area with good pokestops, leaders didn’t appear for over 4 hours. So, is there an issue with the game as the leaders are not appearing? Well, we have shared all the details regarding the same. Read this article for all the fixes and workarounds for Pokemon Go Leaders not appearing issue. Here’s everything you need to know.

Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra are the three leaders in Pokemon Go that are very hard to defeat. They are also not readily available for you to fight as there are some tasks you need to complete before you can take them head-on. Well, in Pokemon Go, if you want to encounter a leader, first, you will have to make sure that you have a Rocket Radar. This can be crafted with 6 Mysterious Components that are dropped by Team Rocket Go Grunts. Each Grunt will drop one component. This Rocket Radar allows you to spot Leader Hideouts which is basically a Pokestop but a Team Rocket Go leader will be standing beside it. Anyways, due to the overwhelming reports of leaders not appearing in Pokemon Go, we have featured this guide on how to fix this issue for good.


Pokemon Go Leaders not appearing: Fixes & Workarounds

Well, this is neither a bug nor any error in Pokemon Go. As per the reports, players who are unable to encounter leaders are looking for them during the nighttime. During midnight, leaders won’t be appearing in Pokestops and this information is not known to many. So, now you know what to do if Pokemon Go Leaders are not appearing in your game.

However, if you are looking for leaders during the day and still not able to encounter them, then follow these generic workarounds. Note that these aren’t the solution to the issue but only possible fixes:

1) Restart your game

A bad login session might be the cause of this issue. So, restarting the game might help.

2) Clear Pokemon Go Cache

Head to your device’s settings and find the Pokemon Go application. Now, head to Storage and click on the Clear Cache option. After this, launch the game.

3) Look for updates

If you are not on the latest version of the game, then issues like these are very common. So, make sure to update your game to the latest version to avoid such issues.

4) Reinstall the game

If none of the methods work, then the last option is to reinstall the game.

So, these were all the fixes and workarounds for the Pokemon Go Leaders not appearing issue. For more such guides, make sure to visit Vabsaga.


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