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Pokemon Go not working & throwing server connection errors: Here’s why

Pokemon Go surged to popularity in 2016 and is one of the most played games of all time with more than a million players around the world. The game leverages augmented reality tech that uses mobile GPS to find, capture, train, and battle Pokemon. As if they’re located in the player’s real-world location. The game does had its own set of issues with server overload when it was first launched and was riddled with technical problems. Later, the bugs were fixed and the game was working fine, however, players who have been playing Pokemon Go have been experiencing several bugs and server issues currently that made the game unplayable. Random crashes, loading issues, or server timeouts. Players who got recently into the game are frustrated with these issues and are looking for a fix. If you’re one of those players, then look no further than Vabsaga. Read on our latest guide on fixing Pokemon Go issues that are preventing you from enjoying the game.

Pokemon Go

Why Pokemon Go is facing server issues?

According to official sources, there’s a good reason why Pokemon GO is facing server connections. The reason why players can’t log into the game, or experience server disconnection is that there’s server maintenance going on currently. Developers Ninantic Support clarified in their tweet that players will face disruptions from November 3 to November 6.

In addition, players will also get to see in-game fireworks and easily tame pokemon during Diwali special event. The game will also reward you with gifts that can be opened for up to 45 days. In Indian servers, players will encounter two new pokemon known as Dedenne and Blitzle.

Now that the Diwali event will take place tomorrow, players can reap higher rewards and might even obtain rare class pokemon. If you’re planning on grinding or raising your Pokemon’s level or taming a stubborn one. You can do so during this time period.

Will the issues be fixed in the Diwali update?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that every game-breaking bug or server issue will be fixed completely, as devs have confirmed it themselves. The servers won’t be taken down completely so you can still farm for exp points and play the game normally. But there’s a high probability that you’ll encounter server disconnections and infinite loading screens. As harsh as it sounds, there’s nothing that can be done about it. If you do happen to run into those issues, we’d advise you to close the game and try playing after an hour.





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