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Pokemon Go players losing Adventure Sync Distance due to Failed Login Error: Fixes & Workarounds

Despite being a very popular game, Pokemon Go is filled with bugs that are encountered by players every now and then. Recently, the failed to log in error has been dominant in the game causing players to lose adventure sync distance. Well, this is not something that many players can be ignorant of which is why we have featured this guide on how to fix this error for good. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into the details. Here’s everything you need to know about how to fix the Pokemon Go losing Adventure Sync Distance due to Failed login Error.

Pokemon Go is a very popular game in the mobile gaming industry. It features interesting AI elements that are not present in any other titles of the genre. To play this game, you will have to roam around your surroundings or cover a large distance to get hold of pokemon or visit Gyms/PokeStops. The game also rewards players with various items if they travel a specific distance each day. However, due to the log-in bug, the adventure sync distance is getting reset after every session the bug occurs. Although this bug was overlooked for quite some time, now since players have figured out that they are losing adventure sync distance due to this, the issue has become quite serious. If you are facing the same error, consider reading this article till the end.


Pokemon Go players losing Adventure Sync Distance due to Failed to Log In Error: Fixes & Workarounds

Unfortunately, the devs have not acknowledged anything regarding this bug which means that there wouldn’t be any official support for them to get this issue fixed. However, you can try our workarounds that should be effective against this bug.

1) Restart your device

If you are facing the log-in error in Pokemon Go, then consider restarting your device at regular intervals. Players have mentioned that restarting their devices fixes this bug for some time.

2) Make sure that Pokemon Go is updated

Always check whether you are on the latest version of Pokemon Go. If not, head to your Google Play Store or Apple Store to download the latest updates.

3) Log in frequently in Pokemon Go

Although this is not a workaround, it can surely make you lose less adventure sync distance. So, all you need to do is log in frequently in the game while you are on the go so that once the bug occurs, you wouldn’t lose all your adventure sync distance but only the session’s distance in which the bug occurred.

So, these were the potential workarounds for losing Adventure Sync Distance due to Failed Login Error in Pokemon Go. For more such articles, make sure to follow Vabsaga.


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