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Pokemon Unite All Dark-type Pokemon List

The first Pokemon game that implemented a multiplayer online battle arena game is none other than Pokemon Unite. Keeping the traditional elements of the earlier games and adding exciting Pokemons, Abilities, Unite moves, and adding replayability value. Players can engage in 5vs5 battles between players and their Pokemons with different abilities. Unlike previous Pokemon games where the affinity of Pokemon was based on types. Pokemon Unite has combined every pokemon into five categories based on their agility, speed, attack power, special power, and more. These categories consist of Attacker, Defender, Supporter, Speedster, and All-rounder. Each offers their respective roles that play a huge part in deciding the outcome of the match and how well players can use the abilities of Pokemons to the fullest.

Players who are familiar with previous pokemon games knew Dark-type Pokemons were special when they were introduced in Generation II to balance against psychic types. Dark Pokemons were nearly invincible if their other type was Ghost. That was before Fairy-type Pokemons were introduced in Generation VI. Read on more to know about dark types of Pokemon and how you can use their abilities in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite All Dark-type Pokemon List

What makes Dark-type Pokemons special in Pokemon Unite

In earlier Pokemon games, dark-type pokemon were introduced to balance out the game against Ghosts, or Psychic-type Pokemons like Gengar, haunter, and more. Their attack is often resisted by Pokemons that use fighting, Dark, and Fairy. When a Ghost or Psychic-type Pokemon attack Dark Pokemons, the negative status caused by ghost pokemon are negated. And offense of dark type pokemon often contains secondary effects that are not available to other types of Pokemon. If your opponent has Pokemons with ghost types, then Dark-type pokemon is recommended to fight against them.

However, one should always remain vigilant, if they’re facing fairies, bugs, or fighting types as they can deal severe damage if the player is not careful. It is always imperative to have Pokemons in your arsenal that cover up the weaknesses of Dark-type pokemon.

List of dark type pokemon in Pokemon United

Presently, there are only two Dark-type pokemon that are available for players in the game, as publishers are slowly upgrading their roster of newer Pokemons. Here are the top two dark types that have amazing capabilities.


Absol is always regarded as a solid choice among Pokemon Unite players as they excel in close range damage, and shortening the gap between themselves and their target. A perfect blend of mobility, offense, and endurance is what makes them unique for tougher battles. However, an expert player can perfectly use Absol to time their moves and deal huge damage to enemy pokemon.

Absol in pokemon


If you’re playing Pokemon Unite for the first time, it is recommended to avoid picking greninja until you have mastered the basics of the game. As one of the most complex and challenging pokemon. Greninja can deal huge damage to enemies using smokescreen and doppelgangers. It’s a bit tough but worth the challenge.

Greninja in pokemon unite




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