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Pokemon Unite All Ghost-type Pokemon List

Pokemon series always offered something unique to the players that had an artistic feel to it. Its great design of Pokemons, well-made level design, and balanced gameplay. Pokemon Unite is the new game of the Pokemon franchise that’s recently released this year on Nintendo Switch, along with Android and iOS. It offers competitive gameplay with many challenging matches that test the player’s intuition, strategy, and how effectively they can make use of Pokemons against different types and emerge victorious in battle. Inspired by the popular MOBA game, League of Legends, Pokemon Unite continues to set new trends in the Pokemon series and update new content that makes the game more fresh and enjoyable.

The pokemon in the game are categorized into five different types like Attacker, All-rounder, Speedster, Defender, and Supporter. Each type possesses its own unique strengths and weaknesses and today we’ll cover ghost-type Pokemons and what role they play in the battle against enemy players. Read on more about pokemon unite all ghost-type pokemon lists.

Pokemon Unite All Ghost-type Pokemon List

Strengths and weaknesses.

Ghost-type pokemon’s fighting ability blooms perfectly when they’re up against Psychic or the same type of ghost pokemon. Ghost-type pokemon have type-specific attacks called Curse that work differently on their own kind as opposed to other types of pokemon. Also, they’re the only type of Pokemon that possess more than one immunity. However, they’re completely overpowered when they’re fighting against Dark-type pokemon. In the first generation, ghosts had little to no effect on psychic types, but this changed after generation VI. Ghost-type pokemon can use various manipulation skills and depend on the player’s level of skill, they can get good results in battle.

Ghost-type Pokemons in Pokemon Unite

Although there are yet to be added many ghost-type Pokemons in Pokemon Unite. There’s one in particular which every fan of Pokemon is aware of, which is Gengar. This pokemon is fairly proficient at surprising enemies with hard-hitting attacks. Listed under the Speedster category in Pokemon Unite. Gengar is often used for striking stealthily at opponents when they’re not aware of its presence.

Pokemon Unite All Ghost-type Pokemon List


Gengar’s playstyle allows you to hide in tall grass, where other opponents can’t see it. Then Gengar can pop out from the grass and deal huge damage. However, if the opponent’s pokemon and Gengar are hiding in the same grass, they’ll both notice each other. The previous evolution of the ghost type, Gastly and haunter isn’t that strong, but Gengar makes up for it when the trainer reaches level 9.





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