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Pokemon Unite Best Held Items for Greninja

When it comes to intense action games featured on mobile devices, there are only two titles in the Pokemon Universe that offer the same. One is the widely popular Pokemon Go and the other is the recently released Pokemon Unite. It is the first MOBA game in the Pokemon Community and ever since its release, the game has managed to garner a large player base. Well, what’s interesting about this game is that it is filled with multiple items that a pokemon can be equipped with to make it more effective in a battle. These items are called Held Items and each pokemon can be equipped with 3 held items in the game. However, choosing the best held item for a particular pokemon can make the difference between winning and losing matches, but not many players have the right information on which held items are best for a particular pokemon. So, read this article to know which are the best Held Items for Greninja in Pokemon Unite.

Greninja is featured as a ranged attacker pokemon in Pokemon Unite. It has a 4-star rating in offense so, it is best used to take fights with the enemy head on. However, if you don’t have the right held items for your pokemon, it can be difficult to win matches against powerful enemies. Well, equipping the right held items for your pokemon is the key to victory. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the details.


Pokemon Unite Best Held Items for Greninja

Since only 3 held items can be equipped by a pokemon in a battle, it is important to choose the right one to get the best results. Here are the best held items for Greninja in Pokemon Unite-

1) Muscle Band

The Muscle band is a very effective item for Greninja as it increases the Basic Attack damage by 1% based on the remaining HP of the enemy pokemon. At level 10, the damage is increased to 2% and at level 20, it is increased to 3%.

2) Buddy Barrier

Since Greninja is an attack pokemon, its Unite move is very important in a match. However, if you equip the Buddy Barrier item to it as well, then your Greninja along with a nearby pokemon(Ally) with the lowest health will be granted a 20% shield based on their maximum health. This is yet another useful held item for the pokemon.

3) Focus Band

Well, your Greninja can be a good attacker, but its defense stats are low. So, if you equip the Focus Band, it will regerenate 8% of your Greninja’s HP when it drops to low for 3 seconds.

So, these are the best held items for your Greninja in Pokemon Unite. Now you are ready to dominate the game. For more guides like these, don’t forget to visit Vabsaga.


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