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Pokemon Unite Decidueye Release Date: When it will be available?

Pokemon Unite is a one-of-a-kind MOBA game that lets 5v5 players engage in PvP matches against each other with their own set of Pokemons. Players must use their intuition skills, and the right set of Pokemons to emerge victorious against the opponent player. Timi studios continue to add new content and improve PvP to maintain the level of excitement and anticipation in Pokemon Unite. Recently, devs have added a new Pokemon in their unique roster that is famous in Pokemon Universe and is loved by fans. A new grass/ghost type pokemon Decidueye is making a debut in the game, the final evolution of Rowlet that was featured in Sun and Moon.

The publisher of Pokemon Unite teased the new grass-type pokemon in their Twitter handle on November 8, 2021, but didn’t specifically mention it. Based on the picture of arrows, any fan of Pokemon Universe can guess pretty much what type of Pokemon it is. With that being said, let’s jump into details about the new pokemon and when it’s going to be playable.

Decidueye Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Decidueye release date

Although not much is known about when Decidueye is going to be added to Pokemon Unite, we can assume that it won’t be for long. Last October, Greedent was officially added to the roster of Pokemon Unite. A defender-type Pokemon that possesses high agility and high durability. Decidueye will be 22nd Pokemon added to the official roster of Pokemon Unite. The seventh-generation pokemon would play a significant part in battles, filling both roles. As devs have only teased a picture. It is only a matter of time until they officially announce Decidueye as a playable pokemon and its role in the game. As soon as more information is released about it, we’ll keep you updated with every single detail such as the in-game model, attacks, and its class.

Decidueye role in Pokemon Unite

Based on the characteristics of this grass/ghost type pokemon. We believe that Decidueye will be a Supporter class pokemon. It uses projectile-based attacks by plucking and firing arrow quills from its wings, similar to an archer, with deadly precision and speed. It’s another status as Ghost-type pokemon, it can also hide and ambush its enemies. Based on this, we can also assume that Decidueye is a ranged melee fighter along with taking foes by surprise. It can also be considered as the Speedster type or Attacker type. A dual-type pokemon to be certain.



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